Words at your Wedding

Submitted by CLX-view on March 14, 2016

If you want to include a reading that truly reflects your special relationship, it’s worth doing some research well in advance of the big day.

Wedding readings are a sure way to infuse a ceremony with emotion, meaning and possibly even tears of joy, but picking the wrong words may also risk making your guests cry from boredom.

Whether you choose a passage from the Bible or something from a book, song or even a film, there are some passages that have just been heard too many times – no matter how beautiful they area.

If you’re tying the knot in one of Thailand’s fantastic private rental villas, you will want to choose a reading that’s as beautiful and unique as the  tropical surroundings.

Below are a few ideas to help fine those special words.

Borrow from Literature

If you and your partner enjoy reading there may be a particular story that reminds you of yourselves. Whether this is Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy or even a slightly less classical pair, a reading that describes a coupe’s romantic connection could be the perfect choice for your wedding day. Literature that describes a relationship – even the difficult parts – is sure to elicit a positive reaction from guests, and with a little practice the words can become one of the highlights of your wedding video.

Spiritual Guidance

Couples saying their vows as part of a faith-based ceremony, might be inclined to choose a passage from scripture, but that doesn’t mean you have to opt for anything less personal or unique. It is best to avoid searching online for readings from the Bible, however, because search engines tend to churn out the most popular ones that are often overused at weddings. A better approach is to request guidance from your own spiritual leader about what kinds of passages reflect your relationship well Alternatively, open the book and simply scan for a passage that strikes a chord in your heart.

Poems from the Heart

There’s only one way to guarantee a completely original reading at your wedding that you are sure no-one will ever have heard before – write it yourself. If you don’t rate your own skills as a wordsmith, ask a friend or family member that knows how to turn a phrase. Poetry always adds a personal touch to a wedding ceremony, but make that sure whoever reads it out has practised beforehand because good delivery is crucial. Song lyrics can also work well in place of an actual poem, so delve into your music library for a little extra inspiration.

Love Letters

If you and your husband or bride-to-be wrote love letters (or even emails) to each other before you became engaged, or even afterwards, these might provide the perfect scripts for your wedding readings – if you don’t mind sharing something so personal with your guests. In the age of computers, reading from a hand written letter also adds a flourish of traditional romance to your wedding day. Sharing the words that started your love story with everyone is a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter.

Keep it Real

If you are writing your own reading for your wedding ceremony, there are a few guidelines you might want to adhere to. If you’re not writing the text yourself, check that whoever produces the words hasn’t included any personal details that you might not want to share with all your guests. The bride’s girlfriends may like hearing references to funny or even difficult moments in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean the older, more conservative relatives will appreciate such references. It is also a good idea to make sure the reading reflects the overall tone of the celebration. A heartfelt, emotional tear-jerker of a reading might seem a little out of place at a rock and roll themed wedding.



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