What Colour is your Wedding?

Submitted by CLX-view on September 26, 2016

From rich scarlet hues to paler shades of gold, the colour of every wedding gown holds a different meaning. Increasing numbers of modern brides are choosing colours that reflect their own individual spirit and personality.

From the hue of your wedding dress to the shade of your carefully-designed table centrepieces, colour can symbolise many things on the wedding day.

Cultures from around the world have incorporated a wide array of hues into their wedding rites throughout history. Similarly, a growing number of modern brides are seeking to select colours that complements their personality and taste.

If you’re jetting off for a destination wedding in a tropical destination like Thailand, you have a wonderful opportunity to break away from a traditional white colour scheme and choose a more influential colour to set a mood throughout the day.

Below are a few ideas and some inspiration from brides around the world.

Lady in Red

While striking red dresses tend to be associated more with Chinese or Indian bridal garments, this shade was also the most popular for wedding gowns in the west until the 1800s. In China, red is considered the colour of love and prosperity and many brides still use this shade as the base theme for their ensembles. In India, the lenghas worn by Northern brides and the saris worn by those in the south tend to be red as well. Brides will often be adorned with henna tattoos and select pieces of traditional jewellery to set off the outfit.

Something Blue

Selecting a blue gown is a great way for brides to knock the “something blue” off their list for good luck. However, this colour comes in an array of shades from deep royal blues to light, pearl tones so there’s plenty of choice as well. Before white dresses became popular, blue was also a go-to hue as it was believed to represent piety and a connection to the Virgin Mary. Modern baby gowns tend to go hand-in-hand with peace, tranquillity and sensitivity. Navy blues are also ideal for those that want to establish more of a nautical theme for their destination wedding in Thailand.

Western Whites

Around the world, it’s a long-held belief that traditional Western brides wear white to symbolise purity and innocence. While that may be true for some wives-to-be, it’s actually a myth that white dresses were always in vogue. They were actually popularised when Queen Victoria tied the knot with Prince Albert in 1840. Before that landmark ceremony, red was usually the most popular colour for wedding dresses. Either way, white gowns are now popular across the globe – and you have to admit that a gleaming white dress looks sensational against the bright blue ocean during a beach wedding.

Shades of Pink

Like red, pink is another symbol for love and beauty and embodies many of the same qualities. A growing number of modern brides are opting for stunning rose or magenta dresses, with world-class designers like Vera Wang carving a path for this more unusual colour. However, in Thailand, pink has often been incorporated into traditional wedding garments. This is because traditionally, Thai brides will wear lavish silks in a range of colours, with blush pink being a popular option. Thai silk wedding dresses are usually embellished with gorgeous gold detailing as well.

Gold Rush

Gold has always been a colour that represents wealth, and for many years, marriages were primarily arranged for brides and grooms on the basis of family fortunes as opposed to love. Nowadays, shimmering gold wedding dresses provide one way to make an extravagant statement on your big day – no matter which part of the world you’re from. Like pink, gold can come in a spectacular array of hues – from daring deep shades to those that bring a softer, pearlescent glow. Whatever shade you choose, there is no doubt that a gold gown will look fabulous in a sunset wedding shoot on a tropical beach in Thailand.


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