Weddings that Sparkle

Submitted by CLX-wayne on November 23, 2016

Embrace the magical splendour of a night time wedding by incorporating some of these bright ideas into your after-dark celebration.

If the romantic idea of getting married under the light of the moon and stars appeals to you then look no further than Thailand for the perfect post-sunset location.

Couples tying the knot in one of Thailand’s exquisite private rental villas are blessed with the luxury of being able to plan their own bespoke celebration – and that includes the timetable of the ceremony and party as well.

While hotels may not be able to accommodate couples that want to say their vows after dusk, a private villa is the perfect place for brides and grooms that want to do things their own way.

Below are a few ideas to give your evening ceremony extra wow factor. 

Bright and Beautiful

Walking up the aisle towards your husband-to-be will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable moments of your life. If you’re getting married in Thailand in a private beachfront villa, then you’re free to personalise the décor as you wish. Some brides and grooms choose to give their aisle extra wow factor by lighting it up with candles and lanterns, forming their own twinkling path of light under the stars. If you’re getting married on the beach or in your villa’s garden, lanterns are probably the smartest choice if you don’t want the sea breeze blowing the flames out. 

Light up the Sky

If you’re looking for an activity to kickstart the party after the ceremonial portion of the wedding is over, then releasing lanterns is a fantastic option. The release of these ethereal floating lanterns is said by many Asian cultures to bring luck, so is a very fitting activity for a wedding day. It’s also a great way to entertain the guests who have travelled to Thailand to celebrate with you, especially if guests each have their own lantern to send off into the skies. The stunning photos of this magical moment will be the icing on the cake. 

Twinkle, Twinkle

Getting married on a balmy Thai evening can feel all the more magical than getting married during daylight hours, as you have the chance to put together a spectacular lighting scheme that makes the whole occasion feel like a real fairy tale. One way to create your enchanted setting would be to twist glittering threads of fairy lights around each of the trees in the garden of your private villa. If this isn’t enough, you could also hang lanterns from the branches for an extra glow. This photo shows a setup that even incorporates vintage filament bulb fittings – perfect for couples that want to create more of a retro theme. 

Here Comes the Bride

Twinkling fairy lights and stunning lanterns don’t just have to be limited to your wedding’s décor scheme. If you were struggling to choose the right selection of blooms for your bridesmaids to carry down the aisle, then why not cut flowers altogether in favour of something a bit more unusual? If you’re getting married after dark, then having your girlfriends carry their own lanterns adds a quirky twist to your special day and once again will provide some fantastic photo opportunities. 

Sparkler Fun

Last but not certainly least, sparklers are the perfect addition to any night time wedding and are ideal for couples that want to inject a little bit of fun into the celebration. Rather than throwing confetti for the newlyweds to walk through, guests each be given their own sparkler to make a fizzing corridor of light for the bride and groom to walk through. Sparklers also serve up some of the most fantastic photo ops, as you can capture photos of special words like “love” or the couple’s initials while they’re still glistening in mid-air.