Wedding in Bloom

Submitted by lex on January 27, 2014

Careful choice of flowers can add a vivid spray of colour to any wedding ceremony and reception, and selecting the right bloom can be just as important as choosing the right food, music or dress.

Beautiful flowers are an integral part of any successful wedding day. Not only is it traditional to use flowers to decorate the venue for wedding ceremonies; in many cultures it is also traditional for the bride to carry a bouquet down the aisle and for the groom and his ushers to wear matching flowers in their buttonholes.

Couples tying the knot in Thailand can usually rely on their wedding planner to arrange flowers before they even arrive in the  Kingdom. However, for the wedding planner to get it right, it is important for the bride and groom to decide exactly what they want from their flower arrangements in advance. Firstly, they should settle on a colour theme for dresses and decorations so that flowers can be coordinated with that. Other considerations for selecting flowers for a tropical island wedding include how each bloom fares in tropical conditions, how comfortable the bouquet is to carry and whether the size and shape of the flower suits the overall style of the wedding.

Here are a some floral selections for a wedding in Thailand…

Elegant orchids

Thailand is famous for its orchids, which are recognised as the unofficial flower of the Kingdom. Though orchids are sensitive to handling, they are also resistant to heat and dehydration, making them perfect for balmy beach weddings.  Particular favourites for orchid bouquets include the Violet Bloom, Arachris and Aranda. For couples that want to introduce a little more luxury into their ceremony, the rare White Orchid (pictured)is a popular choice.

Radiant Roses

Roses are red, violets are blue – but which wedding flower is right for you? Roses, particularly red ones, have long been a symbol of love and passion. These utterly romantic blooms are available in thousands of varieties and perfect for brides who want to stick with tradition. The lightly fragranced flowers are neither tough nor fragile, and the petals like to open up in warm conditions, which means they work well as part of garden arrangements, but may not fare so well as boutonnieres. Couples may prefer to mix roses with other varieties of flower and couples getting married around Valentine’s Day should avoid roses, as the market is flooded by sub-standard examples of this most romantic floret around this time of year.

Lovely Lilies

Calla lilies are a sophisticated choice for classy couples, and as they tolerate heat well, they are also a sensible choice for weddings in warmer climes. The way in which Calla lilies retains moisture makes it perfect for bridal bouquets where the flowers are often out of water for some time, and miniature varieties can also be found to fit button holes perfectly. The top of calla lilies do not have a large surface area, and they are often used in cascading bouquets to show off the impressive length of each flower. Lily-loving brides who want to try something a little different could opt for water lilies or tiger lilies, which are particularly common in markets and florists throughout Thailand.

Fabulous Frangipanis

The sweet scent and dazzling colours of this tropical blossom can be enjoyed in many Southeast Asian countries. The flowers are particularly popular with brides who want to give their wedding bouquets a fragrant twist. Despite their delicate appearance, frangipanis are tough in hot conditions and release a sensual perfume that wedding guests can enjoy throughout the ceremony and reception. Most commonly seen in shades of white and yellow, the frangipani family covers a wide range of tropical hues for couples that want to introduce some vibrant colours into their wedding day. In the Chinese practice of Feng Shui, frangipanis symbolise love.

Perfect Peonies

Couples that prefer bright, bold arrangements on their wedding day often opt for peonies. Typically, the peony has a large full head and a bright blush of colour. It has been cultivated in Asia for many thousands of years and is available in two types – the herbaceous peony and the tree peony. The flowers can be grown in single and double style and is ideal for bouquet arrangements or is a base for centrepieces and decorative arrangements.






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