Wedding Albums with a Difference

Submitted by lex on August 13, 2014

Instead of just instagram and visual effects it can be fun to add some real props and costumes to enliven your wedding day and add a little fascination to the photos.

Your wedding photographs are perhaps the most important souvenir you’ll take away from your big day, so instead of leafing through albums with the same old poses that everyone has, why not inject a little more fun into your wedding snaps?

In order to spice up the photos, you can also brighten up the actual day with props and poses that truly convey the emotion and atmosphere of the celebration.

Adding props to your wedding photographs also adds more of a unique personality to the proceedings and offers guests the chance to have a little extra fun too.

Below are some ideas to inspire a little creativity.

Thai Spice

If you are hosting your wedding in the Land of Smiles, why not add a little Thai colour to your photographs by choosing an exotic backdrop for your photographs? (Just in case the stunning white sand beach you just got married on wasn’t enough) Lanterns are traditionally released at Thai festivals and a wall of glowing coloured lanterns can be a great focal point for photographs as dusk falls. Incorporating traditional Thai flowers and even rich silk hangings is another way to add some Thai colour and tradition to the shots.

Dress Up

Dressing up in costume is a great way to add some laughter to your day and comedy to your wedding photos. Setting up a photo booth is simple. Simply prepare an old suitcase with classic dress-up props, from star-shaped sunglasses and feather boas, to fake moustaches and sequined costumes. Have your wedding photographer take professional photographs of your guests at the ‘dress up booth’ or better still, leave out a Polaroid camera for guests to snap entertaining shots of each other. Polaroid photographs are a great way to add a little vintage feel to your wedding album, and will offer a nice contrast to professional shots.

Messages & Memories

If you were planning on foregoing the wedding guest book, why not have your nearest and dearest write messages of good luck through your wedding album instead? Chalk boards make wonderful wedding props, because they allow guests to get creative and offer another form of entertainment on the big day. Whether they choose to share messages of good luck or private memories and jokes from your past, the chalkboard is a top wedding photo prop.

Prop Me Up

Kitsch props, including fake photo frames and signs, are becoming increasingly popular additions to a fun wedding day. Having another visual focus in the photograph – aside from the people standing in front of the camera lens – can add a quirky twist to an otherwise standard wedding shot. Empty frames, in particular, provide images with an interesting edge, as well as giving guests the chance to have some fun posing. Another idea is a cute “I do” sign, which is held up by the bride and groom to add a unique romantic touch to some of the photos.

Photoshop Fun

If chalkboards and lanterns aren’t enough for you, why not use technology to get a little creative with your wedding photographs? All it takes is some willing guests, and a friend who has a knack for editing images with Photoshop® or similar software. Appeal to your guests’ dramatic side by asking them to pose as if there is a giant T-Rex behind them, or a Great White coming out of the ocean behind them. After the wedding, have your Photoshop friend edit the background so it looks like there actually is a dinosaur or shark chasing your guests. This guarantees a lot of laughs both on and after the big day.



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