Warm Wedding Welcome

Submitted by CLX-view on March 28, 2017

You may not want to roll out a red carpet, but you certainly want to welcome guests in style who have travelled thousands of miles to attend your destination wedding celebration.

Everyone knows that first impressions count – especially when it comes to weddings. Every detail can play an important role in creating the right tone as guests arrive at your wedding – particularly if they’ve travelled halfway around the world to be there.

Welcoming flourishes can begin as soon asyour friends and family arrive at the private villa where you’ve chosen to host your wedding, or even before that when they touch down in the Land of Smiles.

If you’re struggling for ideas to truly take your guests’ breath away, then read on for some wedding inspiration…

Refreshing Revival

When the weather is as warm and tropical as it is in Thailand, your guests are going to need a refreshing beverage to pick them up when they arrive at your wedding villa. In the days leading up to the wedding, you can work closely with your villa manager and resident chef to put together a gorgeous recipe for an icy mocktail that the villa staff can hand out to guests upon arrival. Thailand produces such a wide array of delicious fruits, you could easily incorporate one of these into a cool drink to hydrate and impress your guests.

Tasty Treats

If you don’t know whether your guests have eaten before heading over to your ceremony, then preparing some tasty appetizers to tide them over until the wedding feast begins could be a good idea. Again, you can work closely with your villa manager and resident chef to put together something that you know will suit your guests’ tastes.  Vietnamese fresh spring vegetable rolls are fabulous nibbles. Tasty but not too heavy, they’re sure to get guests excited about all the delectable Asian food to follow.

Personalized Appeal

Setting up a DIY boutonnière station in your wedding’s reception area is another way to help guests feel special. Thailand’s top notch private villas are home to a choice of spacious living areas, so there will be no shortage of areas to choose from when it comes to setting something up. Leave out simple step-by-step instructions and flowers from your villa’s garden, and guests will be able to make their own corsage or boutonnière to add to their outfit. This is also a great ice breaker for helping guests that don’t know each other to start chatting.

Welcome Goodies

If you’re getting married in Thailand, then it’s quite likely that some of your guests won’t have visited the country before. Help them get their bearings and feel welcome at your wedding by preparing handy welcome packs. These could include some information you’ve put together on things to do in the local area, a couple of local sweet nibbles for them to try, and even some pre-wedding party favours. Leave the welcome packs at your guests’ place of accommodation in advance, so they find them when they check in for a beautifully personal flourish.

For the Kids

In many cases, it’s not just adult guests that you’ll be welcoming to your wedding. If you are expecting young visitors, then it’s just as important that they feel welcome too. In a private villa, it’s easy to set up a room dedicated to the kids’ enjoyment. This could be in the AV room, where there are usually plenty of DVDs and a Wii station or X-Box, or in the games room, where there are often pool and football tables. You could even set up arts and crafts stations and board games, or hire professional babysitters to keep an eye on little ones and make sure they don’t get into any mischief.


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