Tropical Wedding Plan

Submitted by lex on July 1, 2013

Every bride-to-be devotes hours of romantic daydreaming to planning the perfect wedding, and dark clouds, heavy rain and a chilly wind are rarely part of the fantasy. In Thailand, the sun smiles, the sky is blue and the ocean breeze is warm, but you still need to prepare for every eventuality.

The Kingdom of Thailand's balmy climate is exactly what most couples picture in their minds when they envision walking down a sandy aisle, and as long as you choose the right location, there is little chance of nature raining on the wedding parade. The wisest couples and their wedding planners, however, should always ensure preparations are made to keep the guests comfortable and happy, whatever the weather.

Refresh and relax

Everyone knows it is important to drink plenty of water in hot climates to make sure the body stays hydrated, but why not add a sweet Thai twist to the refreshments available to guests before and after the ceremony? During a day of sun, nothing could be sweeter than a drink of Nam Deng Mo Pan (watermelon shake), a favourite Thai beverage. This tasty melon ice drink is not only delicious, but quenches the thirst and offers a welcome chill while adding a red, romantic grace note.

Kiddies pool party

While an evening of Prosecco and dancing may be the perfect way for adults to enjoy a wedding reception, the same cannot be said for a group of restless, energetic children. So why not arrange an evening pool party for the kids too? With supervision, they can dive, bomb and expend all of their excess energy while the adults let the fun times flow. At a private villa, it is often possible to organise babysitters to watch over little ones so the grown-ups can really kick back and enjoy the evening.

Sweet Sunset

Many couples increase the romance factor by opting to have a sunset wedding. Not only does this ensure a glorious backdrop for seashore wedding photos, but it also means that the sun will be less intense. This is great for guests who are not used to such a hot climate, plus, no bride ever feels her best with her professionally applied makeup dripping off her face in the intense heat of the afternoon sun.

Shaded Bliss

If a bride and groom want to experience the best of Thailand’s dazzling sunshine whilst they tie the knot, it is wise to make sure there's some shade available for an outdoor wedding ceremony, to protect family and guests from the rays. The wedding planning team can arrange for a simple, elegant marquee to be set up as shade for the wedding party, allowing them to experience the refreshing tropical sea breeze during the ceremony or reception without being frazzled.

Inside and out

If a tropical storm is looming on the horizon, at a private villa you can always move the wedding inside, some villas even have specific covered areas designed for events. As a back-up plan, arrange to customise the interior of the villa in advance with flowers and personalised decorations to add an authentic, fragrant twist to the proceedings. A downpour is not inevitable, of course, even in Thailand's rainy season, but it's aways best to have a Plan B.




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