Trendsetting Weddings for 2015

Submitted by CLX-view on January 6, 2015

According to popular wedding website The Knot, weddings in 2015 are set to explode with a variety of colourful new trends and opulent details.

If you are tying the knot this year then it's a good idea to take note of the leading trends expected to pop up at weddings across the world.

According to The Knot, a leading online wedding resource and app in the USA, couples are breaking the mould and using their newfound freedom to personalise their weddings more than ever before.

Researchers say that today's couples are finding wedding inspiration literally everywhere, whether it's  celebrity weddings, music festivals or fashion runways, and they're also infusing their own personalities into eveyy aspects of the wedding.

This year, says Rebecca Dolgin, editor in chief of The Knot, trends will include fashion-forward jumpsuits instead of traditional wedding dresses, unique venues and even a return to formality with opulent, dramatic details.

Below are a few cutting-edge ideas.

Amazing “Apportunities”

Whether you are planning your honeymoon itinerary or putting together a playlist for your poolside disco, there is always an app that will make the wedding planning process a little easier for brides and grooms. Apps like Task Rabbit can be employed to take on any small to-dos, and Tourist Eye can help couples plan their honeymoon itinerary. Party Mixer is one of the most popular music apps around, and allows you to create your own selection of favourite party tunes to dance to at the reception.

Food, Glorious Food

Who said food was just for eating? This year, tempting trifles and delicious delicacies are likely to play an important role in the décor of many weddings – particularly sweet, mouth-watering morsels that are likely to appeal to wedding guests following the main meal. Miniature meringues and doughnut walls not only provide a handy snacking station for guests, but also infuse the celebration with a dash of novelty and an ice breaker to get guests talking.

Colour of the Year

If you  are still searching for the perfect shade to compliment your wedding gown, or the ideal hue to bring out the shimmering blue ocean in the background of your wedding photographs, then look no further – Pantone’s colour of the year has arrived. Marsala, a rich, pomegranate colour, is set to take many weddings by storm. For a soft, romantic feel, Marsala should be paired with dusky blue hues, or to create a more striking and glamourous effect, match your Marsala-hued flower centrepieces with rose gold accessories. For flowers, dahlias and peonies are the best option to bring this wonderful colour to life in its natural form.

Magic Number Three

For many brides, finding ‘the one’ (the wedding dress – not the groom) means making tough choices leading up to the wedding day. If you simply can’t choose between the glorious ivory vintage lace frock or the snow-white 1950s knee-length gown, then simply get both – it’s what more and more brides are now doing. The Knot predicts that this year, some brides will even splash out on no less than three wedding gowns: a formal dress for the ceremony, an elegant number for the reception and a short, practical mini-dress for dancing later on.

Magnetic Memories

In the last decade, photography technology and gadgets developed at a serious pace so why not make the most of the latest camera gadgets like an increasing number of other couples do? You can view your wedding from multiple angles with a drone camera to capture aerial shots. What could be a more perfect memory than an bird's eye view of you and your loved ones gathered on an idyllic Thai beach for your wedding ceremony? For the ultimate wedding souvenir, you can even capture video from above to make the most of the tropical setting.






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