Thailand's honeymoon trends for 2018

Thailand’s honeymoon trends for 2018

Popular wedding planning website,, has revealed a set of honeymoon trends that look set to take post-wedding vacations by storm in 2018. Thailand remains a constant favourite with newly-weds from across the globe, with a number of brides and grooms choosing to tie in a tropical wedding ceremony with a luxurious honeymoon in the Kingdom.

One of the first trends cited in the report is the growing number of brides and grooms who want to give a little back to their honeymoon destination. Thailand is already home to a number of well-established community tourism initiatives and charities, where visitors can immerse themselves in local life and provide support for local people.

Islands like Koh Samui and Phuket, for example, offer a number of short-term volunteering placements. These island destinations are also home to a number of charity-supported attractions, such as nature reserves, where newlyweds can support the preservation of the local area.

Local wildlife adventures are also set to be popular in 2018. Brides and grooms staying in Thailand are spoilt for choice, thanks to the sheer number of national parks both on land and at sea, with a staggering array of fascinating eco-systems providing homes for countless species. This trend fits nicely with the growing desire for couple’s to go back to nature, immersing themselves in the calm and serenity of natural surroundings whilst on their honeymoon.
The vintage romance of luxury train travel is also set to make a comeback in 2018. Honeymooners exploring the many delights of Thailand can book a lavish sleeper cabin on the Eastern Oriental Express, which travels from Malaysia, through Thailand and into Laos.
Tradition with a twist is also expected to be one of 2018’s top honeymoon trends. While the quintessential honeymoon beach vacation will still popular, evidence shows that newlyweds are seeking out destinations that serve up cultural highlights alongside white sand and swaying palm trees. Islands like Phuket and Samui are home to more than their fair share of sublime beaches, in addition to intriguing museums, awe-inspiring shrines and exhilarating activity centres. For those honeymooning on Phuket, the island’s heritage Old Town is a top location to learn about the island’s fascinating history.

Of course, Thailand’s array of exquisite beaches still frequently make their way onto ‘Top 10’ honeymoon lists around the world, thanks to their soft sand, calm azure seas and enticing beach clubs.