Thailand Wedding Ceremony

Many people dream of celebrating their love with a beach wedding in a picture perfect tropical location. As a result of this common desire, islands in Thailand have seen a drastic increase in the number of couples choosing to tie the knot to the soothing sounds of the waves, while the sun sets over the ocean.

Weddings in the West have become increasingly expensive and couples often get bogged down in tiring planning and budgeting. In Thailand, the headaches are removed. The increase in couples heading to Thailand to say "I do" has also seen an increase in the number of wedding planners and organisers in the country's favourite destinations where already established locales, excellent restaurants and entertainment options offer couple a wide range of choices to plan their idea of a perfect wedding. Koh Samui and Phuket are especially popular destinations, as many wedding parties make use of the islands' stunning villas for extended celebrations for small groups of people.

In both these island locations, experienced wedding planners now offer bespoke wedding planning services to suit everybody's needs, whether couples are looking for a traditional western wedding with a priest or a more Thai-inspired ceremony complete with chanting monks and authentic Thai wedding traditions. Specific wishes with regard to menus, entertainment and flowers are also easily met and wedding planners will go to great lengths to ensure that each wedding leaves lasting memories with the couple and everyone attending the celebration.

Samui based Signature weddings offers various themes for the perfect wedding ceremony, as well as a choice of locations that includes a dramatic beachfront wedding, a private villa garden ceremony, or a mountainside villa with stunning ocean views. The company boasts a wide array of luxurious villas in its portfolio which can be rented on a long or short term basis, where guests can enjoy the privacy of having their own holiday home rather than staying at a resort.

Most of the villas come with private pool and some have additional facilities such as entertainment rooms with widescreen TVs, pool tables and game consoles, while others come with a private gym and direct beach access.

For special occasions such as weddings, a team of experienced chefs, bartenders and waiters can be hired and they will go out of their way to cook up a feast that matches your every wishes and leaves the guests talking about the wedding for years to follow.