Thailand Goes all Romantic

Divers underwater Wedding in Trang

Spectacular beaches, friendly people and a first-rate hospitality sector mean that personalised destination weddings in Thailand are popular throughout the year.

However, being the month of Valentine’s Day, February is often one of the most popular times for a destination wedding in the Kingdom, according to Thawatchai Arunyik, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

“When it comes to weddings, there are few destinations to rival Thailand. The Kingdom, with its ancient customs and lovely locations, scented evenings and welcoming people seems to embody romance in every way,” he recently told the local and international press.

Many couples that choose Thailand to tie the knot elect to do so in a private villa. Hosting a marriage ceremony and celebration in such properties means they can personalise every aspect of the ceremony and celebration personal to reflect their own tastes, from the food to the decoration and entertainment. Couples are also free to set their own timetable for the day, which means the celebrations are not restricted by tight hotel schedules.

When it comes to unique wedding celebrations, Thailand also offers a range of possibilities. This year marked the 18th Underwater Wedding Ceremony in Trang. In 2000, the Guinness World Records acknowledged Trang’s as the largest underwater wedding ceremony in the world. The event took place from 10-12 February, and highlights included a Thai wedding ceremony on land, an underwater ceremony and the planting of Sri-trang trees for good luck.

In Surin, a number of couples also tied the knot on Valentine’s Day itself at the Elephant Study Centre in Tha Tum. For good luck, marriage formalities were performed while each couple was sitting on the back of one of the Centre’s elephants.

Other romantic events in the Kingdom included the February Festival of Love, which was held from February 1-15 in Suphan Buri’s Central Gardens. Several weddings took place in the Red Valentine rose garden. In addition, some couples took part in especially memorable marriage ceremonies at the Udon Thani Red Lotus Sea on February 11-12. The Red Lotus Sea is an area of wetlands in the Kumphawapi reservoir where red lotus flowers grow in abundance, offering couples a stunning romantic-themed backdrop for their weddings.

“People have been coming [to Thailand] for years to get married and enjoy their honeymoons,” added Khun Arunyik. “Now the TAT is helping them do this in ever more memorable ways.”