Thai Wedding Style Infusions

Submitted by CLX-view on June 6, 2016

Thailand is rich with colour, culture and inspiration for brides that want to inject a little local fashion flare into their wedding day style.

If you’re getting married in Thailand, it’s highly likely that you already find the stunning scenery, delicious cuisine and rich culture extremely inspiring.

Brides that plan to incorporate some of these elements into their wedding day, can go the whole way by infusing their wedding wear with unique flourishes of Thai style.

The Kingdom’s high fashion sector has become famous internationally I the last few years, and plenty of talented designers are making names for themselves in fashion weeks across the world.

Below are some ideas about how Thai style can be incorporated into your wedding look.

Extra Sparkle

Whether you’re getting married in Thailand, fulfilling bridesmaid’s duties or attending the wedding of a loved one, it’s possible that you will be on the lookout for something to give your wedding ensemble added glitz. If you’re searching for bling then Bangkok is a great place to start. The city is a thriving hub of design talent and plenty of mall space is dedicated to up-and-coming jewellery designers. For accessories that err towards the bold, chunkier side of things, Jogema’s chunky bangles and stone-studded chandelier earrings stand out from the crowd.

Styled to Perfection

When it comes to hair, traditional Thai styles are all about classic feminine elegance. While tousled beachy waves may be popular for beach brides in the West, elegant up-dos tend to be a popular choice amongst brides in Thailand. To get the look, hair needs to be soft and shiny, so massaging a small dab of coconut oil into your hair to keep it sleek is a good start. If you’re having your hair styled by a professional, experiment with a selection of elaborate chignons to achieve the Thai look. Delicate gold or floral hair accessories will help you complete the creation.

Fresh-faced Beauty

If you’re struggling to find the perfect look when it comes to your make-up for the big day, why not take your inspiration from traditional Thai skin tones? After all, it’s important to choose something special and perhaps a little bit out of the ordinary if you want to look your best in the wedding photos. A traditional Thai makeover begins with a fresh, gleaming face so a good primer and foundation are essential. Authentic Thai costume tends to emphasize the eyes over the lips when it comes to facial features, and a gentle flick of black eye liner and a glowing cream eye shadow can be all you need to recreate the look.

Dress to Impress

If you’re struggling to select the perfect wedding outfit, why not wait until you touch down in Thailand to buy a new dress? After all, Bangkok is brimming with designer boutiques, plenty of which showcase home-grown talent and vivid Thai styles. The Kai couture house is designer to the country’s stars and royal family, so this boutique is a good place to start if you’re on the lookout for something extra special.  Bursting with colour and intricate details, Kai pieces exude total luxury and rich Thai style.

Bag it Up

Every wedding ensemble needs to be accompanied by the perfect bag. If you’re matching a bag up to a fairly simple, classic outfit then you can afford to go all out when it comes to colours and patterns. To add a real splash of Thai style, you can’t go wrong with locally-produced silk. While there are plenty of independent designers and boutiques peppered around Bangkok and tourist spots like Phuket and Koh Samui, Jim Thompson is always a good place to start if you’re stuck for ideas. Jim Thompson stores can be found nationwide and are well stocked with sensational silk bags, clothes and accessories, so you can even do some gift shopping while you’re there.


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