Tasty Wedding Appetizers

Submitted by lex on August 13, 2013

A destination wedding in Thailand gives couples the chance to explore all the sweet and spicy flavours of Asia’s cuisine. Aside from sumptuous sit-down meals, extravagant evening buffets and glorious seafood barbecues, appetizers served throughout the day provide a chance for guests to sample a range of tasty local treats.

Asia is known for the explosive flavours and vivid colours of its cuisine, and planning the menu is perhaps one of the most exciting parts of hosting a destination wedding in Thailand. The appetizer options offered by specialists like The Signature Weddings offer the bride and groom the chance to get creative, rather than offering the obligatory cheese puffs guests so often munch on at Western weddings. Couples that opt to celebrate their wedding in a private villa can also have the waiters offer guests delicious canapés as they socialise round the pool before or after the ceremony, or arrange for a dedicated buffet area to be set up inside the villa.

Here are 5 appetizers to add an Asia flavour to your special day.

Chicken and Pork Satay

A favourite with meat-lovers, these tender strips of marinated meat are served on bamboo or lemongrass skewers, and work well as teasers for a barbecue feast ahead. Popular all over Asia, the juicy slices of chicken, pork are often served with a rich peanut sauce or sometimes a sweet plum and chilli dip.

Fresh Spring Roll

Fresh spring rolls make for fabulous finger food, without being too heavy before a main meal. Filled with crisp salad and served inside small rice noodle wrappers, roast chicken or turkey makes a delicious filling for guests who enjoy succulent meat. Alternatively, the rolls can be made with tofu so they can be enjoyed by vegetarians as well, and the rice noodle wrapper means they are also a hit with gluten-free guests.

Deep Fried Fish Cake

For something a little spicier, many couples choose to tempt their guests with traditional Thai fish cakes. Commonly served as street food in Thailand, these unbattered but deep fried delicacies are stuffed with a blend of herbs and spices that pack a punch of flavour. Served with sweet chilli dipping sauce, chopped cucumber and a sprinkling of fresh lime juice, this is one canapé guests will want to take home the recipe for.

Pork or Shrimp Dimsum

Although dim sum dumplings are more commonly associated with Chinese cuisine, they are just as popular in Thailand. These tasty wrapped delicacies can be served up as packages of juicy pork or shrimp, and a little wasabi and soy sauce will give them an extra kick. It's worth remembering that it may be safer to serve them on a buffet table to avoid any disasters involving soy sauce coming into contact with pristine suits or dresses.

Deep Fried Wonton

Crunchy deep fried wontons are quite a filling appetiser, which makes them ideal for sustaining guests if the main meal of the celebration is scheduled late in the day. Packed with succulent minced pork or chicken and herbs and served with sweet chilli dipping sauce. Beware. The crispy parcels will leave your guests asking for more.






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