Surprise your Bride

Submitted by CLX-view on January 26, 2015

Adoring grooms may want to shower their brides with surprise gifts on the morning of the big day to set a truly romantic tone for the wedding.

If you and your bride are sticking to tradition and not seeing each other the night before the wedding, then surprising her with a thoughtful gift on the morning of the big day will bring you closer before the celebrations begin.

If you’re bride is nervous, a heartfelt present from the man she loves is going to make her feel like the special lady she is, and it will help her remember the many reasons she is spending the rest of her life with you.

If you’re already on the way to the altar, then it’s likely you know exactly what surprise gift would make your wife-to-be smile on her wedding day.

Here are some ideas to help make her day...

Memories are Forever

The memories from your wedding day are some of the most precious moments you will treasure for the rest of your life. As smell is the most powerful trigger to the memory, why not boost your bride’s memories of your special day by buying her a new perfume to wear? If she wears the perfume exclusively on your wedding day and honeymoon, the scent will forevermore transport her back to how wonderful she felt at that time.  Vera Wang is the quintessential wedding fragrance. Floral, sensuous and modern, it's guaranteed to put a smile on your bride’s face.

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

You already popped the question with a beautiful engagement ring, and your bride is now just a few hours away from slipping on a wedding ring. If you believe in traditional romance, complete the trio by surprising her with an elegant piece of jewellery on the morning of the wedding day. The eternal symbol of love and fidelity, diamonds are a great choice. If you are having trouble selecting the right earrings, necklace or bracelet, rope in the Maid of Honour to help you out. That way she can even help you select a piece that will complement your bride’s wedding ensemble.

Relaxing Treat

Everyone gets the jitters on the morning of their wedding day, and no one more so than the bride – after all, it is all eyes on her as she walks down the aisle. To soothe your loved one’s frazzled nerves, treat her to a relaxing pamper package on the morning of the wedding day. If you are hosting your wedding in one of Thailand’s private villas, then it’s possible to hire the services of a professional masseuse to pamper your bride with a massage of her choice before she starts getting ready. Aromatherapy massages that utilise relaxing scents like lavender are a great choice.

Articulate with Art

As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. If you can’t express your feelings with a love note on the morning of your wedding, then say it with a picture or even a collage. Putting together a selection of your favourite photographs provides a wonderful reminder of all the memories you already made as a couple, and reminds your bride-to-be of all the new memories you are about to make.What is more, it is a great souvenir of your wedding that can be displayed on your wall back at home

A Personalised Present

While your fiancé’s favourite roses might be the traditional wedding day gift, grooms across the globe are getting ever more creative in their choice of wedding day presents. If you really want to spoil your bride, then why not invest in a few wedding day accessories for her and her bridesmaids to enjoy whilst they are getting ready? Bathrobes are a great idea, and gifts don’t get more personal than fluffy dressing gowns and slippers with your bride’s new, married name adorned across them. If you don’t want the mother of the bride and the bridesmaids to get left out, include them in the personalised party with some monogrammed slippers and throw in a bottle of champagne to kick start the celebrations.


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