Stay Ahead of Trends at your Wedding

Submitted by lex on December 16, 2013

From striking hats to vivid hair fascinators, delicate veils to colourful flower crowns; how you choose to accessorise your head is one sure way to make a fashion statement on a wedding day.

While most ladies would never usually include a hat or an elaborate hair accessory in their ensemble, a wedding is far from an every day occasion. Part of the fun in preparing for the big day  – especially when it is in an exotic foreign country – is planning your outfit, and a funky hair fascinator or hat is one way to add the finishing touch.

While many brides still opt to wear a traditional veil, getting married in Thailand opens the door to break away from tradition and try out something a little more creative when it comes to wedding day accessories.

Brides Unveiled

The veil is without doubt a traditional bridal icon and has many symbolic interpretations. Veils were originally used as a way of protecting the bride from evil sprits. Today, they are mainly used to add an extra touch of elegance to the bride’s ensemble.  Those who opt for the traditional, long blusher veil can often attach it to their headpiece so it’s easy to take off for dancing or dining. Alternatively, an increasing number of beach brides are going for short, striking veils that don’t get tangled when they meet a fresh sea breeze.

Hair Fascination

Fascinators are the perfect hair accessory for both brides and their female guests. They can be used to add a snap of colour to your outfit, and are also a particularly handy way to draw attention to your face. Feathers, jewels and flowers in a rainbow of colours all make fabulous fascinators, but they should always be coordinated with the colour and theme of the rest of an outfit. One of the best ways to wear a fascinator is with long, loose locks. Tuck a little hair behind your ear and attach your fascinator on the same side for a touch of elegant style. If you are wearing your hair up, a sideways bun can also be brightened up with a fascinator.

Hippy Goddess

If you are more of a laid back, hippie type of bride, the flower crown is coming back into style – particularly for beach weddings. A flower crown can be crafted from traditional Thai blooms, and can even match the wedding bouquet. Luscious pinks, purples and yellows add some vivid colour to cream or white wedding gowns, and also give the bride the shimmering glow of a natural beauty.

Keep it Cool

Like her daughter the Duchess of Cambridge, Carole Middleton always gets it right when it comes to style, and the day Lady Catherine married Prince William was no exception. However, there are a few tricks to selecting the right wedding hat. It is important to choose a style that you are comfortable with and also one that complements your shape and height. Tall ladies should avoid tall hats, and go for a style with a wide rim for extra balance. Shorter ladies should opt for small, structured hat styles that don’t swamp their form. Remember that the colour of your hat should also complement your skin tone and makeup for maximum effect. Hats are also a practical accessory for keeping the sun off your face.

Divine Diadems

While some brides choose a regal tiara that fits with a traditional veil; an increasing number of brides are rolling with this year’s vintage trend and opting for 1920s-style headpieces. The glamour of the 1920s, has steamed back into fashion with the release of the Great Gatsby earlier this year. The Divine Deco range of headpieces encapsulates 1920s chic with a touch of decadence for brides who want to make more of a statement with their headpiece. If you can’t get enough 1920s glitz into your outfit, try incorporating matching crystals, beads and brooches into your look.






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