Sit Down in Style

Submitted by CLX-view on February 27, 2017

If you’re keen to plan a wedding with extra visual allure, be sure to incorporate some striking chair decorations for an eye-catching flourish.

If the soft white beaches of Thailand and sapphire blue skies aren’t quite enough to give your wedding day the spectacular visual appeal you’re after, then you might be thinking about creating a unique decorative scheme as well.

Planning your own décor can help your wedding feel truly individual, and if you’re hosting your special day in one of the country’s top-notch private villas then you have the chance to put something truly bespoke together.

For couples incorporating chair decorations into the design scheme, there is a wide selection of ideas on the destination-wedding scene to inspire you.

Below are some favourite ideas…

Special Couple

Coloured chair covers simply aren’t for everyone. In addition, you might be looking out for that little something extra to give the top table an extra decorative flourish on your wedding day. Some couples love the idea of making the bride and groom’s seats stand out from the rest, and adorable wooden signs do a marvellous job. Perfect for vintage-style celebrations or those with rustic undertones, the messages on the back of the chairs can even be personalized with the bride and groom’s married initials.

Flower Power

Whether you’re going for floral centrepieces or place settings, a fresh batch of blooms always provide a sure-fire way of injecting your wedding celebration with colour. Dressing up guests’ seats with floral embellishments can also be a cost-effective way of extending your personalised decorative theme. If you don’t want the back of every chair to be covered, then consider placing bunches of your favourite blooms at the end of every row so they’re most visible when you’re walking up the aisle. A chic look can be achieved by placing each batch of blooms into its own jar to hang at the end of each row.

Vintage Style

If you’re a real fan of that vintage look, then flowers alone will not do the trick. However, if you’re still keen to incorporate plenty of colour, then bunting may well do the job. You can either drape mini bunting over the back of each chair, or hang large strings of the flags across entire rows. The patterns and colours on each flag will add extra interest to your décor scheme, as well as ensuring your wedding day is in complete ship-shape before the photographer arrives.

Wire Wonders

If you want to liven up your bespoke décor scheme by incorporating something a bit more edgy, then why not ditch the more traditional choices like flowers and bunting in favour of unusual wire shapes. If you’re crafty, you can twist the shape into just about anything you please, from love hearts to pretty patterns. These copper-coloured message add a unique, sophisticated to proceedings.

All Out Luxury

Last but by no means least; faux pearls are the ideal addition if you want to style up metallic or wooden wedding chairs. Strings of pearl beads interwoven with ribbons or even laces to create a wonderfully stylish look, and setting the wedding day up to be the perfect Great Gatsby-style will really get guests in the mood for a visually-spectacular event.


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