Signature Wedding Songs

Submitted by lex on January 1, 2014

Whether you plan on choreographing a perfect routine or busting out some random moves on the spot, choosing the right wedding song for your first dance as a married couple helps set the atmosphere for the post-dinner celebrations.

To some couples, the first dance as a married couple is an emotional moment to be cherished for decades to follow. To others, the idea of being the centre of attention whilst family and friends watch you strut your stuff on the dance floor induces a feeling of dread.

That’s why an increasing number of couples choose to shake up tradition by opting out of the conventional waltz; instead selecting “first dance” melodies that better suit their own personalities and tastes.

While a Bon Jovi ballad or an Aerosmith anthem might be perfect for some couples, many prefer something more unusual. If you are struggling to think of “your song”, here are a few ideas for your first tune…

All you need is love

This classic, originally written and recorded by the Beatles, was intended to give out a universal slogan of love and peace that could be understood the world over. The song rocketed to Number One in the UK in July 1967, and has been covered by no fewer than 21 different artists since then.  While some couples may prefer a more exciting live rendition of the song (like the one featured in 2003 movie “Love Actually”, performed by Lynden David Hall),  while the version released by Nada Surf in 2006 provides a fun melody to dance to for couples that want something a little softer than the 1960s original. Listen here:

Over the Rainbow

The unforgettable melody on this song was originally performed by Judy Garland in the 1939 movie “The Wizard of Oz”, and later became the star’s signature anthem. While the original version of the song is not vastly popular for weddings; brides and grooms that favour a meaningful, emotionally charged tune are sure to love Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s cover. Released in 1993, his version features the serene strumming of a ukulele, which definitely helps to set the perfect tone for a beach wedding. Alternatively, Eva Cassidy’s haunting recording of the tune was released posthumously in 1996, and is something of a tear jerker. Listen here:

You make my dreams come true…

Possibly one of the most popular videos ever to be broadcast on YouTube, this one features two newlyweds throwing tradition out the window by busting some impressive moves to the 1991 hit “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot. If you want to infuse a little of the same festive fun into your own wedding, Daryl Hall and John Oates’ “You Make My Dreams Come True” is the perfect feel-good number. The cheerful tune conveys all the right feelings and includes all the right romantic lyrics. Couples can take a look at the hit movie 500 Days of Summer for some inspiration on how to choreograph their jive. Listen here:

Use somebody

Newlyweds partial to a little rock music can’t go wrong with the Kings of Leon. Released in 2008, “Use Somebody” was an massive hit, and goes down especially well with guests when performed by a live rock band in the grounds of a private villa wedding reception. If you prefer dulcet choral tones as opposed to a loud electric guitar solo, the cover version performed by Dutch singer Laura Jansen is particularly charming. Listen here:

Wonderful world

Couples who want a wedding song classic but are bored with The Righteous Brothers or Buddy Holly may prefer Sam Cooke’s 1959 mega-hit. Cooke’s bouncy love song was inspired by his high school sweetheart, making it the perfect anthem for couples who have been on the path to love and romance since their teenage years. A playful melody coupled with adorable lyrics make “Wonderful World” a great song for the bride, groom and all of their guests to dance to. Listen here:






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