Signature Cocktails

Submitted by lex on July 17, 2013

Couples who tie the knot in the Land of Smiles are free to customise every fine detail of the wedding – from the decorations to the dress. However, some go one step further by creating a bespoke signature cocktail for guests to enjoy throughout the day and into the small hours of the celebration.

Creating a bespoke cocktail is a fun way to go that extra mile in personalising your wedding celebrations. Not only do cocktails taste that bit more delicious when they are being sipped on the white shored of Thailand, but their vivid colours bring a rich visual effect to the table which can be used to complement the colour scheme of decorations and dresses.

Creating a signature cocktail can also be an economical way to cut down on the bar tab for couples on more of a budget, if beer, wine, champagne and the signature cocktail are on offer as opposed to a full range of spirits.

The Signature Weddings are able to assist couples who want to work alongside experienced cocktail mixologists to create the perfect personalised tipple. The cocktail recipes below should help spark some inspiration

Honey Honey

In the warm climate of Thailand, a refreshing fruity cocktail poured over ice is always a hit. The Honey Honey is a sweet blend of honeydew melon, cucumber, mint leaves and syrup. The alcoholic base should be a sweet whisky. Shaken with ice and poured and garnished with a crisp slice of cucumber, this is a cocktail that both looks and tastes great.

Mango Marvel

Thailand is renowned for the sweet and fragrant mangos its orchards produce in abundance every year and the Mango Marvel is an excellent cocktail for couples who prefer a lip-smacking cocktail that uses one of the Kingdom’s signature fruits. Freshly juiced ripe mangos, vodka, champagne and syrup make up the base of this creamy cocktail, along with a dash of salt and a squeeze of lime juice. The deep crimson colour of a fresh cherry garnish provides the perfect complement to the shocking orange of the cocktail.

The Siam Martini

Mixed with a strong Martini base, this cocktail packs a strong punch and although delicious, is not for the faint of heart. To achieve the Thai-tasting lemon grass syrup, mix caster sugar, water, lemon grass and juniper berries and bring to the boil and let simmer until the sugar has dissolved. For the martini, fill a cocktail shaker with crushed ice before adding vodka, lemon grass sugar syrup, lychee juice and pomegranate juice before giving the mixture a good shake! The beverage should then be strained and topped off with a dash of sparkling water and garnished with a lychee and a wedge of lime.

Watermelon Refresher

Another melon based cocktail, this is a great cocktail for quenching thirst and offering  a refreshing boost in the middle of a balmy afternoon. Cubed and de-seeded melon, freshly squeezed lime juice and mint leaves should be mixed with an alcohol base of rum or vodka before being served over ice. If you want a break from alcohol, this luscious pink refresher also serves as a great mocktail with no rum or vodka added.

White Wedding

This creamy creation is quite a break from the fruity concoctions above, and could almost double up as a dessert with its sweet, rich taste. Amaretto, white crème de cacao, milk and a dash of pineapple juice should be shaken with ice before being poured. For a unique Thai twist on the original recipe, why not try using coconut milk instead of regular milk?





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