Shape Up for your Wedding Day

Submitted by lex on May 6, 2014

Inspirational ideas for brides looking to add exercise to their wedding preparation so they look their absolute best in photos of the big day.

Unless you are a supermodel or hollywood star, your wedding day is most likely the one day in your life when you’ll be photographed more than on any other. For this reason alone, it’s completely understandable that brides-to-be want to arrive at the altar looking like a toned goddess in a wedding gown.

With the help of a few motivational apps and some new age exercise regimes, getting fit for your wedding can actually be fun too. Exercise is a great way to bust through the wedding planning stress by focusing on “the now”. In fact, there are few better times for a woman to focus on becoming healthy and happy.

Below are some tips for brides that want to be remembered as a wedding sensation.

App and Away

If you are someone that struggles to sustain momentum and motivation when you start a new exercise regime; why not get a private coach that you can carry around in your pocket for encouragement? There’s  a whole host of fitness apps out there that will help you forget the stress of planning and get fit at the same time. iMuscle 2, for example, provides information on muscle groups tailored to the areas you want to target. Using animations, the app will then show you how to blast these areas into shape. Women who need to keep up the running motivation may also want to give Tempo Run a try. This app looks at the music on your smart phone and arranges a playlist to match the jogging tempo that you set for it.


Boot Camp Beauty

Whether you are attending classes once a week or giving up a whole weekend to fitness, you can be sure that boot camp activities guarantee results. One of the reasons boot camps work is because of the constant motivation. After all, who wants to let a former Special Forces trainer down with lame push ups? A professional trainer will also make sure every exercise – cross country running, weight lifting or pilates – pushes you to the limits. The sense of camaraderie you develop with your fellow boot campers won’t hurt either, as you can all help keep each other going.

Amazing Arms

Arms are one of the main areas women want to target in the run-up to their wedding day. After all, while the legs may be hidden under a flattering ball gown, the arms are likely to be on full show. Luckily for brides, all it takes to tone them up is a few weeks of extra toning. Simple steps like wearing wrist weights during exercise will increase resistance and give your arms more of a challenging workout. To target those pesky “batwing” triceps, try a few chairlifts every day. All you have to do is face away from the chair and place your hands on the seat. Lower yourself to the ground and back up a few times and “Voila!”, toned arms.

Kickboxing Queen

As well as being a great form of cardio-vascular exercise, kick boxing will help build your core strength  by working several of your core muscle groups. Research has shown that a hard hour of kickboxing can actually burn up to 800 calories. It is also a complete workout for the whole body. Punching targets the arms (particularly if lightweight boxing gloves are giving you some extra resistance), pivoting and twisting zaps your core and springing around like a female Jackie Chan is certainly works those legs. If you team up with a tough trainer, kickboxing classes may provide the same kind of motivation you would expect from a fitness boot camp.

Yoga for Life

Compared to intense forms of exercise like boot camp and kickboxing, yoga is a refreshing change of pace. While brides can’t expect to burn thousands of extra pounds fast doing yoga (after all, it’s not really cardio exercise), it can be used as a great supplement to tone up the muscles underneath. As well as gradually building up your strength, yoga will also increase your flexibility. The calm, soothing experience  is also a great way to let go of any tension in the run-up to the wedding itself.




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