Save the Date in Style

Submitted by CLX-view on October 3, 2016

If you’re getting married abroad then you’ll need to let your friends and family know well in advance so they can fix the date in their diary. There are some creative ways to announce the day.

The majority of modern brides and grooms-to-be send out ‘Save the Date’ cards in addition to formal wedding invitations.

If you’re planning a lavish destination wedding ceremony in a tropical destination like Thailand, this is especially essential so that people can get their travel plans sorted out as soon as possible.

However, rather than sending out a simple card, why not get creative and send your friends and family a more personal trinket that announces the date of your special day?

Below are a few of favourite ideas.

Many couples choose to incorporate a photograph of themselves onto a save the date card, but if you and your partner simply couldn’t choose one, this crafty spinner invitation is the ideal solution. Choose four photos to be printed on a disc-shaped piece of paper inside a window with an envelope. Guests can twist the disc from the side to reveal different photographs of you in the window. We love this fun idea – and personalising it into your very own love map is a great way to get the destination wedding theme started.

Flying High

Continuing with the destination wedding theme, this retro save the date paper aeroplane is a great way to save the date. The plane itself could even be decorated with clues as to the destination where you’re planning to tie the knot, with precise details printed on the inside when the paper plane is opened up. This unique save the date card is ideal for crafty brides and grooms that want to do something a little different – and don’t mind a little bit of origami! If you want to continue the travel theme in another way, consider printing wedding themed boarding passes or even passports to provide guests with all the information they need to know.

Stick On

If you and your loved one are both social media addicts then Instagram stickers are a good way to go to save your date. First of all, pick a couple of your favourite couple photographs and print off miniature sticker versions via “Prinstagram”. These can then be attached to your guests’ save the date cards so that they can stick them onto their calendars and in their diaries. After all, an adorable photo of you both will be much more memorable than written ink – unless you happen to be a poet.

Fun and Games

If you’re a fan of optical illusions, then this adorable spinner card could be a lot of fun to send out to your guests in advance of your wedding. The best part is, each side of the spinner card can be personalised to read anything you want, whether that’s your names and the date of your wedding, or clues as to the destination as well. Many couples love the idea of having the whole setup Thai-themed, so incorporating a miniature elephant image or embellishing the paper with a traditional Thai pattern could be a superb decorative flourish.

A Bit of Suspense

If you know that your guests don’t mind the occasional flutter, you can incorporate this idea into your save the date notifications by making your very own scratch cards. Of course, there’s no chance anyone will be winning any money on this scratch card. Instead, they will uncover the date and venue of your wedding celebration. If you’re planning to host it in one of Thailand’s private villas, then guests really are going to be in for a treat when they reveal the information. They will start planning their tropical getaway straight away.



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