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Submitted by lex on July 21, 2014

Planning your wedding from thousands of miles away can often be a challenge. You can ease the stress by answering a few questions in advance with the help of an experienced wedding planner.

Each year, more and more couples are choosing to hop on a plane to an exotic destination to say their “I dos" on the beach in countries like Thailand. For many couples, the pristine beaches, superb hospitality and first-rate facilities on offer in the Land of Smiles are too much to resist.

However, even though Thailand boasts a well-established tourism infrastructure that serves the needs of couples choosing destination weddings; planning a wedding from afar still throws up a whole new set of challenges.

It's especially important to work with an experienced Wedding Planner when you get married abroad. They can help with everything form hiring the right caterer to making sure the marriage is legal.

Here are some key questions to ask when you start the planning process.

What is the perfect location?

When it comes to location, accessibility is one of the most important considerations. Are all of your family and friends going to be able to make it to a far flung island in Micronesia? Probably not. Do you want to minimize the chances of a wedding day downpour? Probably. Essentially, you need to find a destination that ticks all of your criteria. For many couples, Thailand does just that. With an wide selection of international and domestic airports, it is easily accessible from anywhere on the globe. In addition – depending on the time of year you pick – sunshine is almost guaranteed.

Who can help on the Ground?

Attempting to plan a wedding from thousands of miles away is virtually impossible, and trying to do so is likely to cause extreme stress. Thailand is home to many professional wedding planning agencies like The Signature Weddings, who are able to provide expertise on just about everything from Phuket’s best caterers to Samui’s coolest DJs. Aside from the bonus all of your wedding planner’s contacts, knowing that someone is there to do all of the heavy lifting for you means you can relax and enjoy the destination in the run up to your big day.

How can everyone join the Party?

Many brides and grooms-to-be agonize over the thought of excluding loved ones who aren’t able to make it to their destination wedding. Of course, there is nothing like having your nearest and dearest present at the moment you say “I do”, but you can still broadcast your wedding live on the web using an online application like Skype® or FaceTime®. That way, loved ones at home will still be able to hear your vows, see your first kiss and enjoy the stunning surroundings.

Are we Legal?

It is easy to arrange a marriage between non-Thai couples in the Land of Smiles. There is some paperwork to prepare, but with the help of a professional wedding planner the entire process is fairly straightforward. After organizing your documents, a trip to your embassy or consulate in Bangkok is the next step. An agent can help get all of your paperwork translated before it is sent to the Thai Foreign Ministry. You will then be able to acquire the Marriage License and Marriage Certificate from an official in Thailand, which is proof that your marriage is valid back in your home country as well.

Where to Next?

Home to blissful beaches, forested mountain peaks and bustling cities, Thailand is the perfect place to enjoy your honeymoon. But it is worth remembering that your guests have travelled a long way to see you get married. To thank them, many couples throw an additional informal event to say thank you and goodbye. Post-wedding pool parties are particularly popular with couples who tied the knot in one of  Thailand's private villas. Alternatively, why not charter a yacht for the day and begin your honeymoon with your friends and family at sea?Thailand is rich with options, and your wedding planner will be able to offer help with party planning too.





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