Precious Wedding Gems

Submitted by CLX-view on November 2, 2015

Every bride knows that her wedding outfit is incomplete without the right jewels to match. Fortunately, there are many different ways to add a little sparkle with some precious gemstones on your big day.

When it comes to selecting the right jewellery for your wedding day, it’s important to choose pieces that will do you and your dress justice.
The right gemstone will make the unique shades of your beautiful dress sing, while the wrong metal tone could end up making it look drab instead.
Whether your gown suits a necklace, earrings, bracelet, or all three, there are plenty of ways to adorn it with gems. With a ring heading for your finger it’s time to have some fun experimenting with other pieces of jewellery.
Home to rich mines of raw gemstones, Thailand is the ideal destination to pick up your accessories in advance of the big day, although always shop carefully to ensure your purchases are authentic.
Below are some ideas for sassy dress jewellery.
Necklace from Nature

Not every wedding gown calls for a necklace. In fact, sometimes it’s best to keep your décolletage clear of adornment. However, adding a little embellishment will soften the crisp cut of a V-neck wedding dress, and depending on the length of your chain, it will also give the illusion of an elongated body so you look taller. Pearls are a stunning choice for traditional brides, and in many cultures they have long been given as wedding gifts as they symbolize purity and innocence. While Spain was once considered the global hub of pearl trading, an increasing number of travelers are now heading to islands like Bali, Indonesia to buy these treasures of the ocean.
Chandelier Earrings

If you’re planning on wearing your hair up for your wedding ceremony, then you have a great chance to show off a stunning pair of chandelier earrings. Hanging gems will soften any harsh angles around the jaw area and add instant wow factor to your look. Diamonds are the obvious choice – the pale shimmer sets off dark hair, making this precious stone is an obvious choice for earrings. Diamonds also happen to symbolize love and prosperity, so what could be more perfect on your wedding day?
Sensational Studs

If you are planning a beach wedding, the last thing you want is for your loose locks to get tangled with your chandelier earrings every time the sea breeze blows. If you can’t live without the extra sparkle earrings provide, why not opt for a set of studs instead? Introducing blue into your wedding ensemble is said to bring good luck, and Sapphire-coloured earrings will also match the azure surrounding. Thailand’s Chanthaburi province is home to a wealth of blue, blue-green, yellow and black star sapphires, which sapphire symbolize romantic love and commitment – another fine choice for your wedding day.
Bracelet of Beauty

If you’ve selected a short-sleeved dress to keep cool in the tropical climate, a bracelet is a great way of adding detail to your attire. Every time you look down at your wrist and see it sparkling with the gleam of precious gems, it will make your smile that little bit brighter. A ruby bracelet introduces a flash of bold colour into your ensemble and red gemstones also symbolize love and passion, perhaps more than any other. While Burma has become a prized source for rubies, Thailand is still also a rich source of the gems. As such, the Kingdom is a great place to pick up a scarlet ruby bracelet from a reputable jeweller before the ceremony.
Vintage Green

If you’re aiming to pull off a vintage look on your big day, a brooch or a delicate gem-encrusted fascinator is essential. Emerald green is an unusual colour for brides to wear, with cool blues and deep reds generally proving much more popular. However, emeralds can really make an outfit pop, and they work particularly well as a fantastic complement when worn by fiery redheads. If you’re opting for a brooch, consider using it to fasten your wedding sash rather than pinning it to the top of your gown near the décolletage.



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