Pre-Wedding Distractions

Submitted by CLX-view on May 25, 2015

A case of “the jitters” is a perfectly normal feeling for any bride or groom to experience in advance of their big day. Here are a few ideas on how to calm down and relax the night before the ceremony.

If you are feeling edgy the day and night befoe your wedding, then try not to worry – a few nerves before the big day are something that the majority of brides and grooms experience.

Questions like – ‘How will the weather turn out?’, ‘What will my dress look like?’ and ‘Will everything run according to schedule?’ are bound to be circulating in your mind, particularly after you have spent so long building up to the big day.

Fotunately, if you’re hosting your wedding in one of Thailand’s private villas; there are plenty of ways to relax and soothe your pre-wedding nerves.

Here are a few ideas…

Cocktail Calmers

A few pre-wedding cocktails served in the comfort of your private villa are an indulgent treat that can be enjoyed with your close family or your bridesmaids the night before the wedding, and there is no need to worry about a hangover in the morning so long as you pace yourself and and enjoy a delicious Thai dinner as well. If you really want to push the boat out and celebrate, why not hire the services of a professional mixologist to keep an array of fruity cocktails flowing throughout the evening?

Pampering Pleasure

There is nothing like a blissful aromatherapy massage to soothe a worried mind and a tense body. Thailand is home to an array of top notch spas where you can enjoy everything from a one-hour herbal compress treatment to a full day of pampering. If you want to enjoy the plush surroundings of your private villa a little more, why not transform one of the bedrooms  into your very own spa? A masseuse can be engaged to deliver a range of relaxing treatments  and you can follow up your massage with a dip in the pool or Jacuzzi. Some villas even come with a private spa ensuite.

Get Moving

If you can’t sit still, then a little exercise may be what it takes to calm your buzzing brain. If you are staying in a villa with its own private pool, grab some inner tranquillity by swimming a few laps as the sun sets – the peachy colours and soft sounds of evening around you will work wonders to soothe your nerves. Alternatively, take a relaxing breather by doing a little outdoor yoga in your villa’s outdoor sala. You can easily hire a yoga teacher to lead a class that you can enjoy with friends and family.

Beers on the Beach

A night out on the town might be what it takes to calm any lingering pre-wedding tension. Tropical havens like Phuket and Koh Samui are peppered with chic beach bars where you can kick back with a chilled beer and forget all of your worries. Top off your beers with a trip to the local restaurant where you can feast on a spicy meal to counteract the booze.

Advanced Activities

If you are searching for activities to distract you from any pre-wedding jitters, look no further than the ocal Muay Thai boxing stadium. Muay Thai is one of the most popular spectator sports in Thailand, and whether or not you are a martial arts fan, the passion and drama of the contest is guaranteed to have you transfixed. Even if you aren’t into the lethal elbow strikes and furious roundhouses, the traditional pre-flight dance known as the ‘ram muay’ is a traditional performance that will transport your mind from wedding worries to the rituals of an ancient culture.



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