Picture Perfect

Submitted by lex on July 23, 2013

Taking the right kind of photos should be an essential part of a wedding plan. A little preparation and a detailed shot list will help you make sure that the images match the fabulousness of the day.

Weddings are widely celebrated as “the best day of our lives” and we put a lot of time, effort and money into planning a day that lives up to the fantasy.

To make sure it's also a day to remember, one of the most important people at a wedding ceremony and reception is the photographer. After all, it is he or she that will capture the smiles, the tears and the special moments that the bride and groom will treasure for the rest of their lives together.

Reputable wedding agencies are able to source experienced photographers at reasonable rates, even for destination weddings in Thailand. Couples also sometimes have a member of their own wedding party take charge of shooting the pictures.

Whether you task a professional or amateur photographer with the job, there are a few basic guidelines to be discussed with the person behind the camera before the big day to make sure the images you take away capture the best possible moments.

Make a Shot List

Before the big day, the bridge and groom should make a list of all the moments and group photographs they want to take away from the wedding day. It may sound like an obvious tip, but amid the excitement of the preparations and wedding celebration, it can be easy to forget to get a shot with each and every one of the cousins that travelled all the way to Thailand to see you get married. A simple list helps the photographer keep track of what shots still need to be taken, and therefore saves time when it comes to doing each photo shoot.

Select a director

While a photographer may be a highly talented and artistic individual who can translate the brief snapshots of time into a forever lasting image, it is not necessarily their job to round up all the right people for each photograph. Therefore, it is a great idea to select someone from the wedding party who knows who’s who to organise each different set of guests for the photos on the shot list. Nominating someone to do this job speeds up the whole process, and allows the bride and groom to get back to the party sooner.

Be prepared

Even when you plan everything to the finest detail, there is always a chance something could change when the big day arrives. Even the photographer is not exempt from hitches and unforeseen problems, so they should always have a back-up plan. Spare batteries, blank memory cards, and a knowledge alternative routes to wedding venues in case of traffic can all come in handy.

Attention to detail

To give the wedding album a more artistic feel, have the photographer shoot the tiny details of the day. Decorations, flowers, rings, corsages and backs of dresses all add a little spice and colour to the finished product. These images also help the bride and groom remember all the fine details into which they put so much thought and planning for years to come.

Relax and go with the flow

Perhaps the main thing to remember is that weddings are supposed to be a fun celebration, and as important as photographs are, they should never take priority over having the best possible day. It is the photographer's job to help the bride and groom relax and enjoy their special day. Some of the best shots from a wedding day are the sneaky photos snapped by the photographer when no one is posing, and all anyone is thinking about is relaxing and having a good time.







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