Personlized Wedding Schedule

Submitted by lex on May 27, 2014

Modern couples often adapt marriage traditions by introducing a few quirky twists to their wedding day celebrations. A few creative additions can help make the day yours.

Plenty of girls still grow up dreaming of their perfect wedding to a handsome groom draped in a shimmering white dress set to a tear-jerker first-dance melody. But an increasing number of brides are choosing to break away from this tradition, especially when they realise that their special relationship  doesn’t fit in the fantasy wedding template.

Planning the perfect personalised wedding requires attention to detail. It can even mean starting from scratch without the looming shadow of tradition to distract your choices. It can therefore be a liberating experience for many people tying the knot.

Below are some few funky ideas on how to customize your big day.

Lady in Red

When England’s young Queen Victoria donned a white dress for her 1840 wedding to Prince Albert, for better or for worse, ladies across the world have been doing the same thing. White bridal couture may bring good fortune to Western couples, but in China red is the colour of luck and some of the world’s leading wedding gown designers, including Vera Wang, are now leaning away from white towards eye-catching scarlet and startling crimson. Indeed, Wang’s Autumn/ Winter 2013 collection of bridal gowns showcased a colourful flurry of red, peony and peach for brides in the mood to break the colour mould.

Love Words

The reading of vows is undoubtedly one of the most important (not to mention romantic) parts of any wedding celebration. An increasing number of couples are seeking to make this emotional part of the ceremony extra special by penning the vows themselves. Budding wordsmiths should always discuss what kind of tone they want their vows to take, before taking some solitary time to gather ideas.  Reflecting on your best memories as a couple, what qualities you admire in your partner and other sources of inspiration, like books and movies, can help inspire a whole host of personal vow ideas.

Let’s Dance

If the idea of slowly swaying to a Bon Jovi power ballad for your first dance as a couple makes you groan, why not scrap this tradition entirely? While you may have enjoyed the YouTube video of two newlyweds grooving to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back”, it is perfectly understandable if you don’t want to go down that road yourself. In fact, some savvy couples are now starting to have their friends dance for them. Incorporating dance and musical performances by your friends and loved ones not only provides entertainment for other guests, but also gets everyone to get involved with the festivities.

Pre-Wedding Stretches

It isn’t unusual for brides and grooms to wake up on the morning of the big day with a few pre-wedding butterflies. One way to calm any shaky nerves is with a relaxing yoga class on the beach, especially if you are renting a private villa. The villa concierge is able to provide guests with information about hiring a qualified instructor, and a few gentle stretches and deep breathing exercises will have you and your closest guests feeling super-relaxed by the afternoon. If the thought of exercise on your wedding day is too much, why not hire the services of a personal masseuse to relax you and your bridesmaids with a few spa treatments before the festivities begin?

Excellent Evenings

If the prospect of a wedding ceremony followed by a simple reception dinner and dancing makes you yawn, then you can always shake things up a bit. Couples tying the knot on stunning tropical islands like Phuket and Koh Samui often make the most of the splendid ocean vistas by treating their guests to a celebratory champagne cruise after the marriage ceremony. If you are hosting your wedding in one of Thailand’s private villas, your schedule is completely flexible so you can plan the itinerary exactly as you want it. After a relaxing champagne cruise, you can sail back to the villa to be greeted by a sumptuous Thai buffet or al fresco seafood barbecue.





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