Perfumed Wedding in Paradise

Submitted by lex on March 3, 2014

With such an emphasis on the visual splendour of wedding decorations and the sumptuous flavours on the menu, smell is often a sense that gets forgotten in the overall sensory experience. Why not host a wedding to remember by giving guests some fantastic aromas to savour too.

Perusing wedding photographs or watching your wedding DVD is a great way to re-visit cherished memories of the big day. But imagine if there was another powerfulway for you to capture the fantastic memories and emotions of the wedding. According to many psychologists, smell is the most powerful trigger for the memory because when you experience things in the presence of a specific scent the intensity of the memory will be much stronger when you catch a whiff of the same scent at a later date.

As well as helping to bring your memories back to life, tailoring the scent of your wedding will also help to craft a pleasant ambience that guests will also remember for years to come. Here are some tips for the ultimate olfactory celebration.

Sensual Scents

Many professional wedding planners are adept at finding ways to incorporate blissful perfumery into your wedding’s overall theme. This is especially easy for couples hosting their wedding at a private villa because every aspect of the experience can be personally tailored. Decorating the villa with oil-scented wreaths is a good starting point. The bride and groom can select an oil fragrance that matches their idea of the perfect wedding aroma. Then once evening falls, scented candles can be lit that co-ordinate with scented wreaths to sustain the power of the aroma, as well as facilitating a warm, relaxed atmosphere. Couples that want to go the extra mile can even source the perfect fine-mist fragrance to spray on surfaces. Then everything from the table linens to the paper place settings can have their own delicious aroma.

Flowery Fun

Flowers provide weddings with the best of both worlds in that they can be chosen to combine memorable aromas with striking visual impact. To achieve a stronger scent, many couples use dried flowers as a complement to fresh decorations in bloom. Colourful dried flowers can be sprinkled on dining tables, centrepieces and even down the aisle. After the wedding ceremony,   dried lavender is a popular alternative to traditional paper confetti. This crafty substitution adds both colour and scent to your wedding, and is an easy way to bring memories back to life ten years down the line.

Do it Yourself

Brides and grooms keen to personalise each and every aspect of their wedding day can create their own one-of-a-kind bespoke perfumes, and many professional perfumers actually specialise in whipping up custom perfumes for special occasions, particularly weddings. For brides-to-be, the popularity of perfume party hen celebrations is also growing. Bespoke perfumes can even be tailored to complement the themed scent of the wedding day itself, whether you prefer marvellous musks or notes of crisp citrus.

Something Blue

Couples that want to cherish their wedding memories as much as possible often select specific perfumes to wear exclusively on their wedding day and honeymoon. This way, the scent becomes fused with several weeks’ worth of blissful reminiscence. Every groom wants to smell as good as he looks, and a fresh new wedding scent is a great early-wedding gift surprise on the morning of the ceremony. Traditional grooms still searching for their “something blue” are bound to enjoy the citrus and peppermint hints of a recognisable brand fragrance like Bleu de Chanel, which also incorporates notes of pink pepper, frankincense and patchouli.

Magical Memories

In Thailand’s warm climate, every bride wants to smell sweet as the celebrations continue beyond the wedding ceremony. Layering the scent by using a coordinating body lotion in the morning will help your perfume last longer. A gentle spritz of perfume on undergarments will also help to provide a long-lasting effect. Brides already sending surprise wedding gifts to their future husbands may like to attach a hand-written love letter spritzed with their chosen wedding scent. This is a romantic way of introducing a new perfume to your husband-to-be, and guarantees that it will grab his attention when you meet at the top of the aisle. Breaking out your new, wedding day fragrance on milestone occasions will also bring the happy memories flooding back for years to come.






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