Perfect Place, Ideal Space

Submitted by CLX-view on December 14, 2015

If you’re searching for the ultimate wedding venue in which to host your fantasy celebration, then you can't do much better than a private villa on an island in Thailand.

While traditional wedding venues such as hotels may suit some couples, unique, memorable settings are growing in popularity with brides and grooms that want the chance to delight friends and family and also to customize their big day.

Thai islands like Koh Samui and Phuket now offer an impressive array of hidden gems, and finding an exclusive venue in paradise is certainly worth the extra effort. Private villas are top of many couples’ wedding venue wish lists. Whether it’s beachside boltholes or mountaintop mansions, these exclusive properties provide the bride and groom with remarkable flexibility to create exactly the day they want.

Tying in a wedding venue search with a holiday in tropical Thailand can also be a lot of fun. Below are a few top tips for finding the perfect place.

Big Celebrations

Before you start hunting for destination wedding venues, it’s essential to have an idea just how many guests will be attending. That way, you can avoid the disappointment of finding your dream venue, only to discover it’s to small to accommodate all of the people you’re inviting. For larger weddings catering to a greater number of guests, it may be a good idea to seek out a private villa with direct access to the beach. That way, guests can spill out onto the sand to enjoy the relaxing seaside atmosphere once the party gets going.

Wow Factor

For an intimate ceremony with fewer guests, selecting a villa with exquisite views will help create a fantastic atmosphere. Islands like Koh Samui and Phuket are home to an array of villas hidden on tropical hillsides. Thanks to the altitude, some of these properties enjoy breath-taking views of the ocean – which makes for an incredible backdrop for photos. Mountain top venues are also ideal for couples that want to keep their celebration exclusive, quiet and away from bustling beach crowds that can get in the way of a perfect day.

Traditional Themes

While many couples are opting for a buffet style meal at their wedding, some still prefer the idea of tucking into a lavish three-course feast. If so, a larger villa with more space indoors is exactly what you should search for. Many of Thailand’s villas feature several reception rooms, so you can have dedicated areas for cocktails and appetizers, the main meal and a bar for the post-dinner gathering. Larger villas often come with sprawling gardens as well, which adds an option to set up chairs and tables outside for dinner served at dusk, once the heat of the day has died down.

Child-Friendly Weddings

If your guest list includes quiet a few little ones, it’s important to select a venue that offers plenty of space for them to run around and burn off energy. A villa with larger grounds gives couples the flexibility to plan a few unique diversions for kids, whether it’s a mini pool party (supervised by professional baby sitter) while adults enjoy a three-course meal, or face painting and treasure hunts in the garden. Many of Thailand’s villas feature wide lawns in addition to private pools and sun terraces, which are great for keeping the little ones busy and active throughout the day.

Getting Home

When searching for the perfect venue, brides and grooms shouldn’t forget to consider how their guests are going to get to and from the wedding. If your friends and loved ones have already travelled thousands of miles to the Land of Smiles, it makes sense to hire a venue that is easy for everyone to get to. Renting a villa that sits within a private complex of luxury properties is one great solution, because guests can stay close by. This means they can stumble home in the early hours of the morning without having to worry about booking taxis. It also means that everyone will be close together for any group activities you might be organising, whether it’s a rehearsal dinner or a post-wedding pool party.


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