Never too Old for Love

With a combined age of 177 they stood hand in hand in front of the registrar and said 'I do' in front of their family and friends along with flashbulbs exploding all around them from the worldwide news media.

Peggy Clark and James Mason became Britain's oldest couple to get married and had known it was love at first sight when they met for the first time a mere 4 weeks previous and when James proposed to Peggy only 3 days after they first met.

The bride wore a white satin dress with a plunging neckline and a fake fur stole. Flat shoes with tiny embroidered flowers (Peggy commented on how comfortable they were) and a borrowed tiara with a blue handkerchief finishing off her complete wedding outfit.

The new Mrs. James Mason told the Sun newspaper that the day she walked into her local designer bridal boutique and announced she wanted a dream white gown for her big day, there was she recalled a shocked silence from the shop assistants.

Peggy added that "They all stood with their mouths open - I think they thought I was away with the fairies. One of the assistants showed me some of the beautiful dresses, but I said I couldn’t afford them on my pension".

"Then they showed me a sale rail and there was the most beautiful satin dress with plunging neckline and fake fur stole. It was £300, a size ten and I loved it."

She pauses and frowns. "I did hear a snigger as I walked into the changing rooms, but I thought: "You wait, madam, until I come out of the changing room, and then you’ll see."
"Sure enough, when I walked out everybody stood and stared - there were other young brides in the shop and everyone loved my dress.

"When I got home, I threw my arms around James and said: "I know I am 84 years old, but on our wedding day I am going to be your princess."

The Groom was dressed in the same suit he had worn years ago when he met the Queen at Buckingham Palace.
Peggy's journey to the register office was in a vintage Jaguar and she walked down to meet her new husband to be to the music of her favorite song by Boyzone's - No Matter What.

Peggy says: "We both got a bit tearful listening to the words, because it seems to sum up our romance perfectly. It is all about love surviving no matter what the odds."