Suvarnabumi rises up the ranks

Suvarnabumi rises up the ranks

Suvarnabhumi's ranking improved on the ACI list of Best Airports, despite airport closure late last year.

Suvarnabhumi Airport's ranking on the Airport Council International list of the world's best airports has improved from 41st in 2007 to 28th in 2008.

Airports of Thailand, which manages the airport, said it aims to gain a place in the top 10, this year.

The top three rankings of 2008 went to Korea's Incheon International Airport, Changi International Airport, Singapore, and Hong Kong International Airport.

Suvarnabhumi's 28th ranking might cause a few raised eyebrows, considering the airport was closed for 10 days, due to a security lapse that allowed anti-government protestors to take over the whole property, without any resistance from security officers.

Airlines have since demanded that security be reviewed, a request that prompted a call for a change in the law by legislators in the current government.

On a strictly commercial basis, the airport improved its performance in 2008, in terms of passengers handled, with a turnover of more than 40 million passengers, despite some of the traffic being diverted to Don Mueang Airport.

In passenger traffic alone, the airport moved from sixth to fifth position. The mega category, based on passengers handled, had 12 airports as opposed to 108 in the general category.