PG details Samui promotions

PG details Samui promotions

PG offers deals for first and last flights on its Bangkok-Samui route.

Bangkok Airways rolls out 'Early Bird and Night Owl' promotions for passengers, who choose to fly on the first or the last flight of the day.

Valid from 29 March, a one-way fare is quoted at Bt2,200 excluding taxes and surcharges  of approximately Bt670.

From Bangkok, the first flight departs 0600 and arrives in Samui at 0705 and the last flight departs at 2100 arriving in Samui at 2200. From Samui, the earliest flight departs 0600, while the last flight departs at 2200.

PG also has a selection of web fares, for travel before 31 March. Its Thanks Fares cost Bt2,750, inclusive of taxes and surcharges.  Web Delight are pegged at Bt2,800, exclusive of taxes and surcharges, for booking before the end of March and travel before 31 December. They are valid for 30 days.

A Web Saver costs Bt2,600, for travel within 30 days after booking and valid 14 days. All quotations are one-way fare.

For more information, visit or call 1771.