TCEB talks green incentives

TCEB talks green incentives

Only "green" meetings will gain government support.

Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau will limit its financial support for events to those organisers, who conform with environmental-friendly guidelines.

The plan was revealed during the introduction of the Green Meetings Campaign project, 6 February, at the seminar "Green Meetings: Advancing the Future of MICE."

The seminar aimed to educate participants about the benefits of going green and inviting them to join the programme.

TCEB has been recruiting hotels, organisers, venues in the MICE business to join its recent 'green guidelines' developed in cooperation with Green Leaf Foundation and Thai Environmental Institute. Participants receive a Certificate of Intention. A list of participants will be distributed and used to sell in the international market to identify green credentials.

"We will work with the Green Leaf Foundation to create a standard for MICE. By next year, TCEB will include green practices in the criteria used for organisers  to gain financial support," said the bureau's president, Natwut Amornvivat.

He said the environmental-friendly concept will be also used as a selling point during the current economic crisis, when organisers and clients need to save money.

 "Thailand is ahead of other Asian countries in terms of value for money and the variety of services. But we are weak in compliance when it comes to international standards with reference to the environment. So Thailand needs to push a Corporate Social Responsibility concept as soon as possible. It should be on a national agenda."