Phangan Triathlon 2009

Phangan Triathlon 2009

Phangan Triathlon comes back in March.

Koh Phangan Tourism Promotion Association, Koh Tao Tourism Association and Phangan Triathlon Association are hosting the Second Phangan Triathlon, 14 to 15 March, to help build a reputation as a triathlon destination.

This year, the organisers have included an under 15 years category for both male and female participants.

The starting and finish point of the Phangan Triathlon 2009 is at Thong Sala beach.

Categories include Age 15 and under for male and female, male and female open, Age 30 to 39, Age 40 to 49 and Age 50 up for male participants. A team competition is open to mix participation. Besides the triathlon, there is also duathlon for the same categories except Age 15 and under and a team competition.

Duathon offers a 10 km run then 40 km biking and a closing five km run. In the triathlon, athletes begin with 1.5 km swimming, 40 km biking and a 10 km run. Team competition is for  three (male and female).  The age 15 group swim 500 metres, ride bike for 15 km and run for 5 km.

The winner of duathlon will get Bt5,000, except for the male open, Bt8,000. Winners of the Triathlon get Bt10,000, except for the  Male Open, Bt12,00 and Age 15 and under, Bt5,000.  

The registration fee is Bt1,000 per person except for Age 15 and under; Bt500. Final registration date is 13 March.

Last year, there were around 200 participants; of which 40 were foreign athletes. As for this year, there are almost 186 participants registered online so far with around 60 foreigners.