Brunching on Phuket

Combining two words in one may not please language purists, but putting two meals together has certainly proved to be a winner with food lovers OMG! I must say don't heart the additions to the Oxford English Dictionary! Soz, if it was up to me, the first sentence wouldn't read this way LOL!

Call me old fashioned and a late adopter (if ever at all) to the now-generation of limited character counts, but I do give kudos to the Oxford English Dictionary for keeping up with the times with their 2012 vocabulary additions. If asked to add up to 2,500 new words and phrases every quarter, which averages out to 1.14 words every hour, I'd be reaching a bit too.

I do have a soft spot for portmanteau words, however, because two words that make sense, when combined, makes absolute sense. Amongst the 2012 entries, scratchiti -- derived from scratch and graffiti -- is one that doesn't require looking up in the dictionary, though my TextEdit program vehemently vetoes it with an angry red line. But my favourite morph of all time represents a perfect example where two individual pleasure-inducing words form a synergy with a third, one-syllable word -- brunch.

Though brunch is enjoyed on Fridays in Dubai, for the rest of the world, Sunday Brunch has become something to look forward to and the perfect reward for a busy week. The idea is said to have originated from students in Britain towards the end of the 19th century, and one can imagine the countless Saturday debaucheries that gave rise to this morning-after institution. Its rise in the United States after WWII is said to be in partly due to the general decline in church-going, which left Sundays wide open for leisure and lazing. Whatever its real origins may be, Sunday Brunch has come to be much loved for its good food, good company, and most of all, the luxury of feeling that time is for once, not of the essence.

Villa guests on Phuket can, of course, arrange for a buffet to be put on right in the privacy of their private residence, but for an informal social experience (and for children to play with other munchkins), sunday brunches island-wide on Phuket are on standby to make sure the last day of the week is as relaxing as possible. Here are two venues worth checking out on the next trip to Thailand's Andaman isle:

Family Fun

Ok, so Maikhao Dream is on Natai beach, and technically not on Phuket, but as its located just a few kilometres past the Sarasin Bridge to the mainland, we'll let the definition slide. For THB1,590 (US$60) per person, often with a enticing "come-2-pay-1" deal, the beachside resort encourages you to "make your Sunday out of it". A delectable spread, heavy on fresh seafood, is put on, washed down with a never ending flow of local brew and soft drinks. A 30 percent discount on spa treatments is also extended, so that should be taken into consideration when pacing food intake. Brunchers can also make use of the swimming pool, games room, billiard table, foosball, water sports and Thai boxing on the beach. Children under 12 get a further 50 percent off the bill, and to ensure parents can enjoy adult time, babysitting service is offered, while older children can immerse in fun times at the kids' club.

Dainty Delicacies

Let's face it, a normal human being does not require that much food to be full. The problem is, with a mouthwatering plethora of sumptuous treats, all in large portions, what's one to do but to try and entertain the gluttony? Trisara on Naithon Beach has the answer. Other than the sea views -- and what stunning views they are -- The Bar puts on a conservative selection of seafood, meat, gorgeous pastries, and bite-sized tapas, everything in manageable taster sizes. Due to the high end "honeymoon" nature of the resort, its sunday brunches, held from 11:30 to 15:30, are deliberately sophisticated. Instead of piling on the food in small mountains, Trisara takes great pride in presenting their food delicately as if they were ordered for a sit-down dinner instead of an all-you-can-eat buffet. Class doesn't come cheap, however, with their Champagne Sunday Brunch costing THB 3,800++ (US$142) per person, inclusive of a bottle of Louis Roederer bubbly for two diners. Vino enthusiasts can also opt for a bottle of white, rose, red, or sparkling wine instead, and shave THB900 (US$29) off the bill per person.

For food lovers with sense of adventure, Sunday Brunch o