Tourism Authority of Thailand Fact Sheet

Tourism Authority of Thailand Fact Sheet

The current political situation in Thailand - change of government and political demonstrations - should be seen as part of the Kingdom's evolving political development under a democratic system of governance.

The protests are directed at Members of Parliament and other political figures. These incidents are limited to the administrative centre of Bangkok. The rest of the city is unaffected.

The PAD anti-government rally is restricted to the designated protest site and the immediate areas. Tourists and expats in Bangkok are advised to avoid travelling to areas near the demonstration site namely - Government House, the Parliament Building and its immediate vicinity.

For visitors planning trips to various sites around Rattanakosin Island (Koh Rattanakosin), shuttle boats and river taxis that serve the various public piers along the Chao Phraya River provides fast and convenient transportation to several of these sites.

All other key tourist sites in Bangkok, and nationwide, are completely unaffected.

Life in the capital and the rest of the Kingdom continues as usual. Foreign nationals are unaffected.
Hotel and other travel-related infrastructure and services, including all airports, operate as normal.

Train services throughout the country have resumed full operations. Roadways are open, with only certain roads in Bangkok around the Government House compound remaining closed.

Public utilities and communication services operate uninterrupted, contrary to reports of possible disruptions.

The Kingdom's various tourist attractions and shopping districts are unaffected, safe and open for business as usual. Tourists can continue to enjoy the amazing variety of sites, foods and experiences at even more amazing prices that make Thailand such a special travel destination.

To ease any concern that foreign visitors may have in travelling to Thailand, the Thai authorities concerned have stepped up measures to ensure their safety and to facilitate their travel, both to and within the country.

The latest updates will also be made available on the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at and of the Tourism Authority of Thailand at and