Pooling resources on Phuket

Phuket, along with many other destinations in the South East Asia region, boasts some impressive swimming pools. Many of the best are offered in the island's luxury private villas, while hotels and resorts also offer their guests tempting options for a cooling dip.

Pool architects, manufacturers, product suppliers, and service companies will converge on Phuket in March to share tips of the trade at the first ever Pool Asia Expo and Conference at the Hilton Resort. Organised by Dr. Josef Konrad, a micro-biologist and water scientist with more than 15 years' experience the swimming pool business. Pool operators will also be able to earn certification during the three-day event. ''The whole aim is to lift standards across tropical Asia,'' said Konrad. ''Although many pools are being built in the region, Europe's standards for care are much higher.''

Sustainable pool design and maintenance is an important issue for modern pool operators. An entire day of the Pool Asia conference is dedicated to the "Eco Pool Forum", with presentations and discussions on approaches to disinfection, water recycling, solar heating, and chlorine free systems. Such issues are increasingly important for both guests and owners. Legionnaire's Disease is having an impact at some holiday destinations, with guests sometimes falling ill once they return home.

Covering pools when they are not in use is an important aspect of pool hygiene and care. In places like Phuket, where second-home owners are often away for long periods of time, automatic pool covers are particularly useful because they allow owners to reduce the amount of service and cleaning required when they are not in residence.

Other innovative solutions include recycled glass filters and fresh water sanitizers. Recycled glass filters last longer than more common sand filters and also offers more effective filtration. Fresh water sanitizers are particularly useful in areas that experience a lot of rain. Invented in Australia, the technology removes the need for salt in the treatment of pool water.

Pool Asia also aims to broaden attitudes to swim safety. The 3-day event is supported by the Governor of Phuket, Khun Tri Augkaradacha, with around 150 exhibitors expected to showcase their products, which include robot cleaners and aqua fitness products. Another highlight will be the launch of the Pool Asia Awards, with resorts and villas from around the region hoping to be recognised for their excellence in terms of pool quality and design. The third day will be open to the public, with plenty to see and do.

Source: http://www.phuketvillasandhomes.com/news_1342.html