TCEB dreams of a World Expo

TCEB dreams of a World Expo

New TCEB president mulls over to bid the World Expo 2020 to Thailand.

Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau newly appointed president, Akapol Sorasuchart, believes the country could bid to host World Expo 2020.

Mr Akapol said heĀ  met with 22 representatives from the private sector in the MICE related industry, including inbound tourism organisations, to adjust the bureau's three-year operational plan and bidding for an expo was on the agenda.

World Expo 2010 mascot, 'Haibaos' created from a Chinese character meaning people.

According to Mr Akapol, to work with the World Expo bidding process, TCEB will need to brainstorm feasibility with those who manage public facilities and transportation development, to create an operational plan. The bidding process would need to take place 2011 to 2012 and would require government support.

He declined to offer an estimate on the bid cost, or the return on investment that would be generated by hosting the World Expo, but noted the private sector would have to offer its financial backing, too.

Calculations on cost and benefits would need to be presented, later this month, to the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, which is involved in the Thailand pavilion at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China.

The Shanghai World Expo should attract around 70 million visitors over six months.

Mr Akapol said: "It's a massive project and would require us to build a city of exhibits and support centres. That would require us to decide on a suitable site and build infrastructure to get visitors to the expo."

Recommendations would need to be approved by the government first and then a budget allocated to begin a study on the various aspects of building an expo site and marketing it.