Credit Crunch Affecting Lowest Divorce Rate in Sixty Years

Not since 1981 has the divorce rate in the UK been so low according to national figures published this week.

This low figures seems to have a good ring to it as it gives the impression that couples are working out their problems and staying together to save their marriages but sadly the credit crunch is contributing a great deal towards the fall in the divorce rate.

With the housing market almost stood at a standstill couples can no longer afford to set up new homes elsewhere are now having to live under the same roof until their house sells and they can go their separate ways.

Figurines revealed by the Office for National Statistics show the divorce rates has fallen for the third year running as couples are forced to rethink the selling prices of the ever declining house sales.

On family law expert from the law firm Thomas Eggar LLP said "Current financial woes are bound to cause domestic arguments and put a strain on any relationship, potentially resulting in divorce.

Couples forced to compromise may ultimately 'find a renewed respect for one another", she added.