THAI sets the benchmark for Thai curry taste

THAI sets the benchmark for Thai curry taste

Thai Airways International says it will standardise the taste and quality of its in-flight Thai meals on all flights, to ensure only authentic Thai meals are served.

No, it is not about to make its in-flight dishes super hot, or give passengers the same exact menus, worldwide, but it hopes to ensure that all overseas catering suppliers comply with the same standards as adopted by the kitchens in Bangkok.

THAI manager for menu planning and control, Aphisit Jermsawat,  explains that  Suvarnabhumi Airport's catering department prepares 65 to 70% of in-flight meals, while 40 kitchens, worldwide, prepare around 30 to 35%.

"This makes it difficult to control standards and even the taste because of a difference of opinion between chefs on what constitutes a genuine Thai dish."

New standards on how to prepare authentic Thai meals state that the process has to be supervised by THAI chefs.

In addition, the airline's mass-produced "Eurng Luang" ready-made curry paste will be distributed to all THAI kitchens to maintain the right standard.

That could be a sore point for those chefs who still  insist authentic Thai food must be prepared with freshly made curry paste pounded in the traditional granite mortar and pestle.

Menus will be changed from offering run-the-mill menus to providing signature dishes in both business and economy class. First class will be served original menus served along with signature dishes.