Bomb Scare Does Not Stop Weddings

Bomb Scare Does Not Stop Weddings

After months of planning their wedding Victoria Elliott and Daniel Robinson almost seen it all go up in smoke when a just before their ceremony was to take place suspected explosive devices were found at the venue.

Workmen found a cache of Second World War bombs while laying a patio at the Orton Hall Hotel in Peterborough and immediately called the police who evacuated the hotel and called in the explosive ordnance disposal team from the Royal Logistic Corps based at Nottingham.

The hotel was evacuated and cordoned off while Army experts slowly and carefully removed the seven bottle shaped objects which were buried a mere six inches under the surface and placed them in a nearby skip.

Guests arriving at the hotel for the wedding were turned away by police and sent to Orton Longue vile School to await news if the ceremony was going to go ahead as planned at 2pm.

The bombs were destroyed by a controlled explosion just after 4pm but the all clear was not given to reopen the hotel for a further three hours, making it too late for the couple to have their wedding ceremony.