Massage & Aromatherapy

Indulge the bridal couple with the ultimate pampering session within the privacy of their own exclusive villa, with one of our Signature massage or aromatherapy treatments performed by our in-house therapists.

Lemongrass House Phuket has created all products, exclusively. The oils and creams are freshly blended and only contain natural elements with a Lotus fragrance base.

Thai & Oil Massage | Aromatherapy

Massage Price Packages

Classical Thai Massage
An ancient traditional art, this method of massage was formerly administered only in temple - ‘wat’ – grounds by masters with healing abilities. By exerting pressure on specific points of the body and by manipulating muscles and ligaments, the spine is elongated and relieved of tension. The sense of well-being as energy and flexibility are brought back into your body is extraordinary.
Herbal Oil Massage
Our herbal oil massage; using various blends of spice, citrus, aromatic, warm-up and citronella oils, is a combination of a classical Thai and an oil massage. This type of massage is a soft and smooth way of feeling on top of the world again. We especially suggest this for people with little experience of Thai massage.
Herbal Steam Massage
This type of massage is a combination of classical Thai massage and steamed herbals. A herbal pack containing more than 15 different ingredients is gently pressed onto your body. The herbal steam massage leaves you with a relaxed and satisfied sense of well-being.
Facial Massage
The traditional way of purifying and nourishing your face using natural products, such as our herbal cream cleaner, and honey from the North of Thailand; as well as root masks and soft pressure point massage. This relaxing facial treatment will make your skin silky smooth, giving you a fresh and healthy feeling. Our Facial Massage is popular with both men and women.
Herbal Foot Massage
A heavenly treatment for feet in need of some love. After the pressure point massage, herbal foot masque and herbal oil treatment, you will be back to full speed again..