Make the Most of your Wedding Villa

Submitted by CLX-view on July 20, 2015

An increasing number of couples hosting their weddings abroad are choosing to hold the celebrations in private villas. With generous spaces and top notch facilities to enjoy, it's a good idea to use as much of the venue as possible.

A choice of breathtaking coastal locations and fantastic facilities make Thailand’s private villas – particularly those on islands like Phuket and Koh Samui – some of the most popular wedding venues in Asia.

Couples are free to use their villa as they like throughout the day, and many choose to personalize everything from the schedule and wedding menu, to the décor, which is something few hotels will be able to offer.

Thailand’s largest holiday villas often make the best wedding venues, thanks to their multiple living spaces, which can accommodate the bridal party and the groomsmen with ease.

If you’re thinking of hosting your wedding in one of these fabulous properties, below are some ideas on how you can make the most of all the space you'll have.

Drinks & Nibbles

A selection of Thailand’s best private rental villas comprise not one, but two kitchens, which is great news if you’re hosting your wedding in one of them. It means that one kitchen can used by be the professional caterers who will be serving up sumptuous dishes for the wedding feast, while guests can help themselves to snacks laid out in the other kitchen – perhaps the one closest to the communal living areas or the pool deck. Some brides and grooms even choose to have their second kitchen converted in a bar so that guests can ponder over a menu of signature cocktails created by a professional mixologist hired specially for the occasion.

Dancefloor Filler

In the West, the majority of weddings are still divided into three stages: the wedding ceremony, the food and speeches, followed by the party. If you want to bring these traditions to Thailand, then a private villa is the perfect venue. The villa’s expansive sun terrace can be transformed into a dance floor where the DJ can set up and entertain guests when the party kicks in, while the lounge adjacent to the swimming pool can be set up for guests to enjoy a drinks and nibbles in between songs.

Play Station

If you’re planning on inviting children to your wedding, it's important to make sure there is a place for them to let off steam. After all, the chances are they won't want to listen to the speeches for long once the've eaten. A private villa’s outdoor sala (gazebo) is the perfect place for kids to get some fresh air and play games. You could even hire a professional babysitter to watch over them as they play, while the parents enjoy the festivities.

Speech with a View

At many weddings, speeches by the best man and father of the bride are considered an important tradition. Plan to have the speeches delivered and champagne toasts made in room with an ocean view to add that wow factor. The villa’s air-conditioned interior will give guests the chance to cool off after spending a few hours taking photos of the ceremony outside, and the stunning views may even add to the poetry of the moment.

Down Time

After a few hours spent outdoors, plus a large meal and an energetic stint on the dancefloor, it is highly likely that over-tired kids (and maybe some adults too) will need somewhere to collapse and relax. This is where your villa’s lounge or private cinema will come in very handy because you can just pop on a DVD for those that want to some chill time. If you don’t  have tome to pick up any movies there is no need to worry – many of the Thailand's villas now have their own digital movie drives with hundreds of classics stored on them, so kids and adults alike can take their pick and settle down with their favourite flick.


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