Magic Matrimonial Makeup

Submitted by lex on December 10, 2013

A selection of the right products and a few nifty tricks are essential for beach brides when they take on the challenge of makeup in Southeast Asia’s balmy climate.

The last thing any bride wants as she poses for wedding photographs on the beach is to feel her carefully applied makeup caking in the sun, or worse, running off altogether. Fortunately, for brides that choose to tie the knot in Thailand’s tropical climate, there are a number of handy tricks and products that help ensure makeup remains fresh throughout the day.

One trick ladies can follow is to apply their makeup directly in front of the air conditioning unit in their private villa. The cool air will keep skin even and smooth and there will be no sweat or redness before you venture outside. Storing products like foundation and primer in the fridge before application can also prevent inflammation and the resulting application will feel like a refreshing facial. However, it is worth checking the ingredients of makeup products before doing this, as cool temperatures can affect the consistency of some products. Investing in products with a high SPF is also a good idea, and bridesmaids should carry a supply of blotting paper to ensure the bride does not get too shiny.

Here are some product tops to help you apply makeup with confidence in the tropics.

Choose perfect primer

Preparing your face for makeup with a silicone-based primer is essential for a fresh, dewy complexion and to survive a day of heat. Silicone-based products tend to be oil free, and act as an effective barrier against humidity and irritation. Silicon primers like Too Faced result in a velvety finish and establish a soft base layer for longer lasting foundation.

Find Fabulous foundation

As silicone is such an effective barrier against heat and humidity, opting to use a silicon-based foundation is also a good idea for brides battling the shine. Silicone-based foundations will last longer and put up the strongest fight against moisture. Face Atelier’s Ultra Foundation gives the wearer a silky-smooth complexion, which means brides can dazzle in all their wedding photographs. For ladies that don’t want to begin with a primer, this particular  foundation already has one built in.

Select Excellent Eye Shadow

Instead of opting for a powder eye shadow or blusher, cream varieties of these products provide a natural looking glow without the danger of getting caked in the sun. They also tend to feel lighter on the skin, which is an added bonus when you are basking in the warm Thai sun for hours on your wedding day. Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Shadow comes in a rainbow of colours to choose based on your skin tone, and they glide on easily. The award winning eye shadow also gives longer lasting wear than most powder based products.

Correct and Conceal

With the idyllic warmth of a tropical climate comes sticky moisture. As such, investing in a waterproof concealer is essential to hide any blemishes or dark circles on your wedding day. The waterproof concealer by Lancome offers natural coverage and reduces the telltale signs of stress or fatigue that may have accumulated in the run up to your big day. The product also minimizes fine lines and evens skin tone, providing a smooth, matte finish.

Make sure its Marvellous mascara

Weddings can often be emotional events, so investing in some waterproof mascara is a must for brides across the world; particularly those saying “I do” on the tropical shores of Southeast Asia. No bride wants to look back on photographs of herself with panda eyes. Liquid liners and mascaras won’t run in the heat and products like Yves Sain Laurent’s Waterproof Luxurious Mascara boost volume with a false-lash effect, creating an intense look that guarantees a 24-hour hold.






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