Light up your wedding day

Submitted by lex on September 24, 2013

Light has more of a role in your wedding celebrations than you might think. Whether illuminating your wedding ceremony, harmonising with the decor, or being used as a form of entertainment, there are many ways in which light can be captured and harnessed to its full potential.

In some ways, planning a wedding is like planning the way you will decorate your house. The way you choose your lighting can therefore have a significant impact on the mood and atmosphere of the occasion. In addition to the part in plays in your wedding photographs, the right lighting can help create a relaxing, romantic mood. If you are getting married in a private villa, light can also be used as part of the overall décor or even as one of the entertainment features.

Here are some techniques to help illuminate your special day.

Hold the ceremony at sunset

If you are getting married on a beach in Thailand, the rainbow of soft pink, peach and blue lights that accompany sunset are one of nature’s greatest moods setters. As well as being exceedingly romantic, the gentle light of sunset will provide a softer and more flattering light for photographs. The colours of dusk in destinations like Phuket and Koh Samui are something you will be able to savour for years to come as you flick back through your wedding album.

An enchanted wedding

Couples planning their fantasy wedding should ensure they choose lighting that matches that fantasy. Open air tents pitched on the beach offer great protection from the elements and give couples the chance to get extra creative with the décor. To create the ultimate enchanted, dream-like wedding, an increasing number of couples are choosing to illuminate open air tents with fairy lights. The soft glow helps set a more relaxed mood, and provides extra fodder for breathtaking wedding photos.

Dancing in the moonlight

Having a boogie with your family and friends is always a highlight of the wedding party. The ambience of the entire evening can become even more magical if you are dancing under the moon and stars around your villa’s private pool, as opposed to the cramped dance floor of a hotel. If the night sky is still too dark for you, why not consider setting off lanterns with your guests on the beach? This traditionally Thai experience means yet more stunning photographs, and also helps each and every one of the guests to feel like they are playing a key role in the bride and groom’s special moment.

Fire starter

If romantic mood lighting, sunsets and  lanterns are not your thing; add a little extra spice to your Thai wedding ceremony by hiring a Thai fire juggler or two. Found performing on many of the beaches on popular islands like Phuket, Koh Samui and Koh Tao, these agile fire artists twist and turn in time to the music, decorating the air with bright golden jets of light. Hiring a local fire performer is  a great way to inject a little extra excitement into your wedding, and is certain to get your guests into party mood.

Start with a bang

One of the great things about holding your wedding in a private villa is that you get to choose exactly what type of entertainment you would like to include in the celebrations. Many couples opt to give the ceremony a little extra spark my organising a colourful fireworks display after dinner. Fireworks will wow your guests, and the extra bangs and flashes will inject a whole new level of excitement into your wedding day. They also give the bride and groom a good “send off” as they start their new lives together.





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