Let there be Light

Submitted by CLX-view on November 19, 2014

Whether light is being used to illuminate your wedding ceremony, harmonise with the décor or entertaining guests with a fiery dazzle, there are many ways to incorporate it into your tropical Thai wedding ceremony.

Like any space, lighting can have a great effect on the overall ambience of the room. The same rule applies to wedding celebration, so choosing the right lighting theme can help create the mood that you want at your wedding ceremony.

For guests hosting their wedding in one of Thailand’s private villas, there are many unique ways that the bride and groom can incorporate lighting into the décor theme. However, light can also be used as a means of entertaining friends and guests once darkness falls.

Below are our favourite ways to use light to its full potential once the sun sets on your wedding day.

Spark Up

If you are struggling for ways to keep little ones entertained once night falls on your wedding day, look no further than sparklers. These dazzling magic wands of sparkling light offer kids oodles of fun, as they draw pretty patterns and doodle in the air around them. Of course, safety always come first, and it’s important to make sure little ones are always supervised by an adult if they are playing with sparklers. Keep a bucket of ice cold water nearby for little ones to pop hot used sparklers in once they go out.

A Thai Tradition

If you and your loved ones want to bless your wedding with a little bit of good luck once darkness falls, why not partake in the Thai tradition of releasing lanterns? Assemble your guests on the beach adjoining your private villa to release a mass of twinkling lanterns out over the ocean. Not only does this traditional Thai experience offer breathtaking photos, but it also provides the chance for your wedding guests to get to learn a little more about Thailand’s unique culture.

The Big Bang

The ability to personalise your entertainment options is simply one of the greatest things about tying the knot in one of Thailand’s exclusive private villas. If you want to end your wedding with a spectacular finale, work with your wedding planner to organise a firework display on the beach. A sparkling show of fireworks catapulting over the ocean is also a special way to give the bride and groom a wonderful send off to their new life together – not to mention all the wonderful photographs you will be able to capture.

Dancing in the Moonlight

Having a sing and dance with your friends and loved ones following the wedding formalities is often one of the best ways to round off your wedding day celebrations. On islands like Phuket and Koh Samui, it is easy to hire a professional DJ to get your guests grooving – or even a live rock band if that’s what you prefer! There is always something special about boogying under the natural light of the moon and stars, so set up your dance floor on the beach adjoining your villa so your guests have plenty of space to showcase their best dance moves.

Fire Starter

Couples that really want to get the party started may enjoy the lively performance of a professional Thai fire dancer. Fire performances are extremely popular on beaches across islands like Koh Samui and Phuket, so your wedding guests are guaranteed to be impressed by their own private show. Guests will be transfixed by the agility of the fire performers, as they twist and turn in time to the music, decorating the air with jets of fiery light. Hiring a local performer is another great way of introducing a bit more Thai culture into your wedding day.





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