Let me entertain you

Submitted by lex on July 30, 2013

Whether you are celebrating your wedding in your home country or in a tropical destination like Thailand, choosing the right entertainment is vital to spice up the day and create fun memories that every guest will take home with them.

Picking the entertainment for your wedding is one way to stamp your own personality on the celebration and also transforms the proceedings into a more bespoke event. For the many  couples that now choose the exclusive surroundings of a private holiday villa in Thailand, freedom to choose whatever kind of entertainment they want is an added bonus. They are not restricted by the limited options available at a hotel and can spread the entertainment through the entire day to add even more fun and uniqueness to the proceedings. The privacy of a villa on Koh Samui or Phuket also means wedding guests can relax and enjoy the entertainment without having to worry about disturbing other guests in a hotel.

From Thai dancers to live jazz bands, fire jugglers to international DJs, Koh Samui and Phuket have almost every option you can think of when it comes to exciting entertainment. This means the bride and groom are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the perfect blend of music and performances for their special day. What's more, wedding planners work hand-in-hand with the couple before they even arrive in Thailand to select and book exactly the right artists or musicians for the show.

Here are some of the options available to couples that want to make a song and dance of there wedding day.

Rock out

For couples and guests that enjoy live music, hiring a rock or jazz band is a great form of wedding entertainment. By co-ordinating with the band beforehand, the bride and groom are also able to arrange a set list to make sure all the songs they want to hear or dance to are included in the performance.

A Thai twist

If you want to add some real Thai spice to your wedding celebrations in Thailand, why not hire a Klong Toy (Thai drum troupe) or some traditional Thai dancers? The excitement generated by a vibrant percussion performance can really add to a perfect day, and is certainly something the wedding guests will never forget. The vivid colours of the stunning costumes worn by Thai dancers also adds some pasazz to the wedding celebrations, as well as providing some great photographs for your wedding album.

Kids Games

In the exotic surroundings of a private villa, either with direct access to the beach or a large tropical garden, kids at a wedding are not likely to get bored. However, it is still good to provide some child-friendly entertainment to minimise the risk of tantrums. With all the extra space afforded by a private villa, some couples choose to set aside a separate playroom for younger guests to enjoy whilst under the supervision of a professional babysitter. Having their own space with a few toys and video games will keep kids occupied for hours. Couples who want to go all out can even hire a clown, magician or balloon artists to keep children entertained. Alternatively, some couples choose to set up a pool party for kids to enjoy during the wedding reception. Not only does this keep children well entertained, but it keeps them cool and refreshed in the hot climate.

Dancing in the moonlight

Couples who like to party the old fashioned way often choose to hire a professional wedding DJ so they can dance into the small hours to all those Top 40 classics. Alternatively, those that want to get into a more serious groove can opt to hire a local club DJ who mixes his/her own tracks. Professional DJs on Koh Samui and Phuket come with all of their own lighting and sound equipment, and the majority of private villas are also equipped with a high quality sound system. This means DJs are able to set up in the villa, by the pool or even on the beach providing the bride, groom and guests with their own private nightclub.

Acrobats and fire jugglers

Anyone who has ever visited one of Thailand’s more popular beach bars at night will most likely have encountered a legendary fire juggler. These dare devil performance artists twist and turn in time to the music whilst whipping around their batons of fire to create glowing patterns in the air. Not only do fire performers add a modern Thai twist to your wedding entertainment, but they are guaranteed to wow the guests and get everyone into the party mood.






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