Into the Sunset

Submitted by CLX-view on March 2, 2015

We can all conjure that classic image of a bride and groom driving off into the sunset trailing colourful “Just Married” knick-knacks behind their car. Couples that get married in Thailand have the chance to be even more creative when it comes to wedding day transportation.

Whether they are getting married around the corner from their house or in an exotic destination like Thailand, it’s important for most couples to make an impression by arriving at their wedding in style.

Then, once the wedding celebrations are over, it’s also fun to kick off your new life with your loved one by heading off into the sunset in a memorable way.

For those getting married in the Land of Smiles, a little creative planning can help you make the most of the fabulous tropical setting.

Below are a few favourite, and perhaps slightly unusual ways, to start a new journey together as husband and wife.

Grande Entrance

To give your wedding day a unique Thai twist, how about inviting a special guest to the party? Elephants are a national symbol of the Kingdom, and either arriving at the ceremony or riding off into the sunset on the back of one is sure to give your wedding that  additional ‘wow’ factor.  When they take part in traditional ceremonies, elephants are often draped in different coloured silks, which also give the bride and groom an opportunity to inject a little colour into their photographs. You could even get your own “Just Married” fabric made for the elephant to wear on the day.

Casual Chic

An increasing number of brides and grooms across the globe are adding an element of humour to their wedding day by setting off for married life in some form of public transport. A red double decker bus is the most popular option if you’re tying the knot in London, but in Thailand its songthaews (pick-up truck taxis) and tuk-tuks (motor rickshaws) that offer couples the chance to do things differently. You can jazz up your songthaew with a colourful array of blooms, and even go for the traditional ‘Just Married’ signs and tin cans if you can’t resist making a noise.

Island Inspiration

On islands like Phuket and Koh Samui, longtail boats have been used or hundreds of years as a means of sea-going transportation. If you’ve settled on a beach wedding, why not make the most of the serene surroundings by arrivng or leaving  in a longtail boat with your partner? Longtail boats are simple and traditional, and can also be decorated with flowers and draped in colourful fabrics to add colour of the ceremony. For an extra touch of romance, the groom can carry to bride through the surf himself, before place her safely in the boat.

Added Luxury


Thailand is fast becoming one of the yachting hubs of Southeast Asia, and for brides and grooms that want to cruise into the sunset aboard a luxury yacht, no extra decoration is necessary. What's more, if you want to surprise your loved one, a romantic overnight stay on a privately chartered vessel is also a wonderful way to begin your life together, before heading back to meet your friends and family for post-wedding celebrations at your villa the following day.

In Tandem

The key to a successful marriage is the ability to work together as a team, and there are few things that require more teamwork than riding a tandem. Why not show what a wonderful team you are by riding off into the sunset on a retro bike for two? Failing that, you could always substitute the bicycle for a kayak to add to the beachside vibe.



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