Happy Healthy Weddings

Submitted by CLX-view on February 22, 2016

If you and your loved one are committed to a healthy lifestyle, why not incorporate the same wholesome goodness into your wedding day celebrations?

The wedding of Australian nutritionist, Jessica Sepel last December inspired healthy couples in a multitude of ways. Not only did the online blogger host her wedding on the stunning Thai island of Koh Samui, she also showed couples around the world how they can celebrate their union in a healthy, nourishing way.

Ceremonies filled with organic produce, hydrating beverages and even gentle physical activities can transform a wedding celebration from fat and alcohol-filled event into an occasion that glows with the same wholesome vibe as a health retreat.

Even if you are not totally happy to cut out all the traditional wedding indulgences, selecting a few healthy elements will add a little balance to the celebration.

Below are a few healthy ideas to incorporate into your own wedding day.

Revitalizing Preparation

If you want a healthy, stress-free wedding day then it makes sense to start relaxing early on. Instead of hosting boozy hen or stag parties right before the big day, brides and grooms can instead treat their best pals to a pamper package at the local spa. Massages, body scrubs and facial treatments will leave everyone feeling fabulous for the wedding celebration ahead. If you’re hosting your wedding in one of Thailand’s private villas, you could even organise for your guests to be pampered onsite the day before ceremony. Thanks to the plush facilities, it’s easy to recreate the spa atmosphere by hiring a couple of professional masseuses and trained beauty therapists. Follow up your treatments with a light, nutritious lunch and you’re already on the way to a healthier wedding celebration.

Salute the Day

The morning of your wedding has finally come around, and many brides and grooms may feel the need for a little private reflection before their busy wedding schedule kicks in. A yoga class at sunrise will help set the tone for the rest of the day, keeping you calm and focused no matter what. While Thailand is home to many excellent yoga studios, guests staying in one of the Kingdom’s holiday villas can cut out the stress of travelling by hiring a yoga teacher to come directly to the property for a one-on-one class. An outdoor sun terrace or the shaded pavilion overlooking the ocean provide the perfect serene setting for a peaceful stretching session.

Breakfast Benefits

It’s no fun for anyone having a “bridezilla” around during a wedding, so to avoid a “hangry” nightmare on your big day ensure you take the time to fuel up on a wholesome breakfast that will keep your energy levels topped up until you next feed. Oatmeal porridge and fruit is one balanced option, or if you’re in the mood for something warming and savoury you could go for a congee prepared by your villa’s resident chef. It’s likely that the post-breakfast schedule is going to be busy with last-minute preparations and hair and beauty appointments, so it might be a good idea to lay out a nutritious buffet of wholesome muffins and fresh fruit for bridesmaids, ushers and friends to fuel-up on.

Hydrating Help

If you’re getting married in tropical temperatures, it’s your responsibility to ensure there are plenty of snacks and beverages around to keep guests hydrated. Along with any welcome cocktails (or mocktails), your catering staff serve up, why not have fruit platters scattered around for guests to nibble on? Fresh fruit and veggies are excellent natural hydrators thanks to their high water content, and you can work closely with your wedding chef to put together an appealing array of bites that are healthy, hydrating and delicious. In Thailand, fresh watermelons, papaya, mango and dragon fruit are firm favourites with locals and visitors alike.

Freshest Feast

Perhaps the most important aspect of a healthy wedding is the main meal served to guests after you and your loved one have said your vows. Thai food is already loaded with fresh herbs, spices and vegetables, so it’s a natural choice for couples looking to offer something a little more nutritious. Crisp papaya salad, lightly steamed greens and locally-caught white fish are all scrumptious options and also score high in the healthy stakes. If you want to follow the healthy theme through to drinks, consider serving organic wine, which is lighter on chemicals used in the production process. You could also boost guests’ hydration levels by having fresh young coconut water readily available.



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