Groom your Groomsmen

Submitted by CLX-view on December 6, 2016

Why not try some fun, creative ways to ask your nearest and dearest pals to be groomsmen at your wedding? A few enticements are sure to have them doing their best for you  on the big  day.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen shoulder plenty of responsibilities throughout the wedding planning process, as well as on the big day itself. From planning your hen and bachelor parties to making speeches, their duties are going to keep them pretty busy for a few months.

It’s important to show how grateful you are from the outset. While personalised bottles of wine, jewellery and sentimental knick-knacks might be the perfect presents for when a bride pops the all-important question, “Will you be my bridesmaid?”, it doesn’t quite work in the same way for men.

Whether your pals are the kind of guys who like cigars, beer or personalised handkerchiefs, we’ve put together a few manly ways to ask your buddies to be groomsmen.

Classy Treats

If you’ve allocated a fairly generous budget to this portion of your wedding day, then you can go to town and get your guys something really special for when you ask them to take on the duty of being a groomsman. We love the idea of individual cigars placed in a special box within a whiskey glass. Not only is it super simple to achieve, but it’s classy as well, and it squeezes two gifts into one. The cost for this will range depending on the quality of the cigars you want to purchase. If you have any special memories that involve a certain type, it might be nice to choose these to reference the happy moments of your friendship.

Eat, Drink, Suit up

Rather than containing a selection of tasty snacks, this simple tin lunchbox contains something a lot more important – the groomsmen’s survival pack. This is great DIY idea, as you can design your own labels to personalise the box based on the person you’re giving it to. You can also pack it with essentials they’re going to need on or before the big day, like mini hangover survival kits, socks to match the groom’s or even – if you’re getting married in one of Thailand’s stunning private villas – miniature fans for keeping cool.

His Favourite Tipple

While a growing number of brides are asking their friends to be bridesmaids with personalised bottles of wine, you can do the same – but with a much manlier drink. If all of your pals like different drinks, all you need to do is design and make a one-size-fits-all label to hook over the neck of the bottle, reading the all-important message. If you’re planning to keep things a bit more uniform, then you could have sticker labels made up and placed on bottles of whiskey for your pals. This is a wonderful keepsake gift and something your friends are bound to appreciate as well.

Simple but Effective

If you’re not the type of guy to make a big gesture, then sending presents to your future groomsmen may not be the way you want to go about things in the run-up the big day. In fact, maybe a simple, elegant card will do the trick? If you design the card yourself, it will still show that a lot of thought has gone into it and that you’re serious about the duty your friends will be taking on. As a hint to the formal theme of the wedding, this groom has embellished his “Will you be my groomsman?” cards with genuine silk bow ties!

Quirky Ideas

If you’re quirky groom with a few unusual ideas up your sleeve for your wedding day, then only an eccentric gift will do for your groomsmen. This groom has even made personalised sock labels to pop the question to his groomsmen. If you’re getting married in Thailand, this could be a great opportunity to hint to your friends about the exotic location of your wedding. Perhaps labelling flip flops for them to wear on the beach next to your private villa would be a good call? Or maybe you want to make some labels for bottles of Chang beer – Thailand’s most famous brew – as an even bigger hint? The choice is yours.


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