Great Wedding Bake-Off

Submitted by CLX-view on November 30, 2015

Your wedding cake serves as a key focal point for guests to feast their eyes and taste buds on – a striking design and great taste is essential.

From chocolate gateaux to light and springy Victoria sponge, the world of wedding cakes offers brides and grooms-to-be an endless array of choices.

While fruit cakes are the traditional go-to baked product in the West, where the wedding cake tradition began, an increasing number of couples are seeking to break away from convention and have a custom cake created that reflects their personalities.

For couples getting married in Thailand, this is no problem as popular wedding destinations like Koh Samui and Phuket are home to a wealth of top-notch patisseries that are able to put together a top notch cake.

If you’re short of ideas, below is a delicious line-up of top wedding cake trends for 2016.

Magnificent Macarons

For brides and grooms that want to do something different, macaron towers are growing in popularity. While these sweet treats have actually been around for decades; it’s only in the last few years that they have really started gaining some traction in the wedding industry. Not only do the towering creations taste fantastic once they are disassembled, but they can be personalised to match any colour scheme that the bride and groom would like. Multi-coloured combinations look particularly striking, as do carefully co-ordinated macaron cakes that match the overall décor scheme of the wedding. They also provide a complete break for couples bored with classic fruit cake, marzipan and icing sugar.

Flirt with Florals

Floral designs are making a huge comeback in every area of wedding design – from cakes to dresses. Bright and bold garlands cascading down tiered cakes are predicted to be popular throughout 2016, particularly those crafted to form peonies and roses. Smaller sugared flowers will also continue to be a top choice, with a growing number of brides and grooms opting for modern laser-cut blooms. For an extra hint of Thai-ness, have your cake decorated with orchid or lotus flower embellishments.

Rustic Style

For the last five years, boho-chic weddings have soared in popularity. If this is the theme you’re going for on your special day, why not consider a naked cake? Before getting the wrong idea about exactly what a naked cake is, relax – it’s basically the spongy part of the cake served without any frosting or icing. Simple floral decorations and a pretty sprinkle of icing sugar are often all the decorations that this cake needs to stand out and entice guests. They also know exactly what flavour they’re going to be enjoying when they take a bite.

Shine On

While black, gold and silver aren’t normally colours you would associate with a wedding, prepare to see them on plenty of cakes throughout 2016. The baroque style has been particularly popular with fashion designers over the past season, so it makes sense for this theme to carry through from the runway to the table. Gold – the ultimate celebratory colour – is particularly striking on a cake when done well, which is exactly the case with decadent-looking edible golden sequins. The metallic look can be a little tricky to pull off, so it might be worth putting together a mood board of ideas to share with your caterer before taking the plunge.

Cake Statements

Perhaps the biggest trend of all in 2016 is for brides and grooms to infuse each and every aspect of their wedding day with some extra personality. This means that we are going to see fewer of the traditional pastel-coloured fruit cakes next year, and bolder design creations. Vibrant hues such as royal blue, marigold orange and emerald green are all predicted to be big hitters, and you can forget subtle white sugar flowers. Strong silhouettes are also expected to be in high demand as brides and grooms-to-be search for an alternative to the conventional three-tier wedding cake.




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