Great Gifts for Great Groomsmen

Submitted by lex on June 24, 2014

Here are a few ideas to surprise your best pal with a gift on your own wedding day.


While wedding celebrations often focus on the cherished relationship between the bride and her bridesmaids, they also provide a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the very special "bromance" between the groom and his groomsmen.

The groomsmen are the ones who have stood by the man's side throughout his bachelor days, and they are also the ones willing to travel wherever they are asked to help host a destination bachelor party and usher elderly guests to their seats at the ceremony. It is therefore appropriate that for the groom's final farewell to single life. he should present his best mates with a memorable gift.

Here are some suggestions on how to show the boys some appreciation.

Keep it Personal

One way to give your gift a unique, personal flourish is to get it engraved with your groomsmen's initials and maybe even a personal joke or message – a simple way to add a special touch to a cigar case, wallet or money clip. A silver or leather hip-flask is another popular option for groomsmen, especially if you are drinking buddies.

Members Only

A gift doesn’t have to be a material item that you can hold in your hand. Sometimes a gift that falls into the “experience” category shows that you have put a lot of thought into what your best pal would actually want. If your pal is seriously into working out, for example, why not purchase him a luxury gym membership for a year? That way you can ensure it is both something he will use, and appreciate. Alternatively, if your groomsmen are big fans of sport, why not try to get them tickets to a live game? VIP box seats at a Premiere League game or ringside at a world championship bout perhaps?

Bottoms Up

If you and your buddies have enjoyed a few drinking sessions together over the years, why not make this common interest the foundation of your wedding gift? Creative groomsmen may enjoy experimenting with a luxury mixology set. That way you will have a fun night of experimental Martinis to look forward to once when you next meet up for a boy's night in. Alternatively, a memorable night of drinks will certainly follow if you invest in a steel banded two-litre oak whisky barrel (pictured). The barrel comes equipped with a stand, spigot and bung, which ensures that you can fill and serve whisky with ease for hours on end.

Gadget Gift

Many grooms take pleasure in getting their pals flamboyant, extravagant gifts that they would never think of buying for themselves. If your  mates can’t live without their gadgets, why not invest in a gift that caters to their passions? Vivien Muller’s spectacular Electree not only looks extremely stylish on the side table of any bachelor pad, but also doubles up as a solar charger for electronic devices. This nifty bonsai is kitted out with 27 leaves, all of which are made from solar panels, to charge everything from phones to mp3 players.

Boys on Tour

If you want to squeeze in a last day of male bonding before you say your marriage vows, why not treat the lads to an actioned-packed day out? Grooms that choose to get hitched during a destination wedding in Thailand have endless options for adventure. Go Karting, Zip-line rides, Scuba Diving, Kitesurfing, Bungy Jumping, even an hour at a shooting range can be added to the itinerary. Then you can round off the fun with a barbecue and drinks back at your private villa – that whisky barrel might come in handy a little earlier than planned.




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